LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Too High! Too High!! Too High!!!

I have many clients, but few transactions. Most of my open files are Sellers wishing and hoping for the right Buyers at the right prices.

Over the past few weeks I’ve met with or spoken to a few Buyers, and queried each as their deals inevitably fell apart and they walked away without a purchase. I thought I’d share with you the “birdcalls” of the elusive Buyer:

  1. The rate I was quoted by the bank was too high.
  2. The price the seller was asking was too high.
  3. The taxes are too high.
  4. The risk of buying vs. renting is too high.
  5. My anxiety is too high.

Sellers, your marketing strategy is simple: Buyers, reduce your anxiety by buying my low priced house!


Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Thank a worker that you encounter, and realize how many toil while we relax.

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