LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

"Clear, Polite Prose"

Thanks, Liisa May & Newsday!,0,7808989.story

On the web: Blogs and Web sites of note

By Liisa May

June 22, 2007

Now this is a blog. For those with a real estate obsession, it touches on a wide variety of subjects in clear, polite prose. As a result, the blog elicits comments that are civil - say it again, civil. A recent subject was how the market slowdown has changed builders' personalities - many are now working willingly to grant buyers' wishes. Another was the apparent double-speak of advertising a "motivated seller," usually interpreted as a seller who needs a quick sale, and then staging a house to make it look like the seller has no deadlines to thwart lowball offers. The blog address came in an e-letter forwarded to Newsday that warned about a property deed offer that is making the rounds. (For only $59.50, a deed can be procured, the offer says.) Lawyer and the erudite blogger, [real-lawyer], takes pains not to call it a scam, explaining to the contacts on her mailing list that the offer is not illegal, just expensive and unnecessary. Such documentation, her letter says, can be acquired from a county clerk for about $5.
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