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Tossed Salad Friday

Twenty-Six Random-ish Thoughts to End the Year

All the things I didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t say here might fill a book. Contrary to what some of my readers think, I do self-edit.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside isn’t such an innocent song. Yes, it was written as a party piece in the 1940s, but no, you can’t really excuse lyrics like say what's in this drink and I ought to say, no, no, no sir, at least I'm gonna say that I tried. Listen to it if you like, but please don’t trivialize the concerns of people who think date rape is not light-hearted entertainment.

Cookies, on the other hand, can certainly be trivialized. If right-wing alarmists want to scream about left-wing extremists creating gender-neutral gingerbread people, go right ahead. That’s how the cookies crumble.

Dementia-ville doesn’t really experience seasons. It’s always a hazy shade of winter inside. On the other hand, today’s commencement of winter ushers in my season of discontent.

Evidence is a wonderful thing, even if it has to be translated from Russian.

Foreigners ran in my family. Unless you’re a Native American, I bet they ran in yours, too. Hating an entire race, country, region, or religion means you’re denying your own history. It also means you’re as ignorant as the day is long.

Great — have we become “great again” yet? Kids in cages, a baby in the White House, swastikas here, there, and everywhere just don’t demonstrate greatness to me.

Happy New Year! While I know no year actually has to be better than the last one, I truly think we deserve an outstanding 2019.

I’m so grateful that you read my blog. Life gets busy and there are a gazillion postings online vying for your attention. Thanks!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! screamed the woman in the parking lot as a car almost knocked her down. When I inquired as to whether she was OK, she responded, I think a bear was driving that car.

Keeping the Faith is one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. The words are both poetic and prophetic as well as being fun to sing.
  You can get just so much
  From a good thing
  You can linger too long
  In your dreams
  Say goodbye to the
  Oldies but goodies
  Cause the good ole days weren't
  Always good
  And tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems.

Lots of luck to the tRump supporters who claim they held their noses and looked the other way at his cruel incompetence because he was “such a good businessman.” How’s that stock portfolio, you America destroyer?

Merry Christmas! If you’re celebrating, I’m wishing you wonder and joy.

Not that I care all that much, but doesn’t Stephen Miller realize that everyone with a high-def TV can see that he sprayed on extra hair?

Of all the repulsive smells I have (inadequately) described to you emanating from Dementia-ville, the worst one bubbled up and burst out the other day. There were definitely onions, hot peppers, and the decaying flesh of some poor deceased creature. But there was also something that made my throat close up. I started choking, and I didn’t stop until I put three rooms, a staircase, and a door between myself and Dementia-ville. I asked (the next day) what the aide had cooked up. It was a stew with “dawadawa.” Turns out that’s fermented locust beans, and while I have no idea how it tastes, smelling it might kill you.
Perhaps the next time you want to put your yoga mat thisclose to my mat when there’s a wide open area on the other side of you, you’ll first recall the length of your simian arms and move a bit to the left.

Queens figure in a lot of movies I’m seeing advertised. Or maybe it’s all the same movie. I can’t tell. The plot seems to be that somebody wants to do something that the queen won’t like.

Really, if your idea of governing is taking away basic needs including food, healthcare, and privacy, you’re not governing. You’re inflicting.

So now the wall-that-won’t-be-built isn’t made of concrete but “beautiful steel slats.” Along with the absolute idiocy of the entire Mexico will pay to keep the contaminated and the criminals out storyline, did you think you’d hear a purported president of the USA describe putting jail bars across our southern border?

The Other Josh Cohen was a really funny musical. I needed exactly the amount of entertainment it delivered; I highly recommend it.

Unindicted co-conspirator.

Vacation. I really need a vacation.

War is over if you want it.

Xmas is vulgar? I had no idea, not that I believe I’ve used that abbreviation. But a fellow fan in a sports group told someone wishing him a “Merry Xmas” that she was a bad-mannered atheist hater (no quotes because I left out the foul words he used to denounce the alleged potty-mouthed lout).

Yarn of one sort or another has barely left my hands since the beginning of November. I’ve been crafting gifts, scarves, a blanket, and so much more, and while I enjoy my hobby, it’s taken a lot longer to finish a project than it used to. You see, I knit while I watch sports or MSNBC, but I refuse to create anything while I’m angry — I’m a believer in mojo transference. (Can you see where this is going?) Between how enraged I am at the actions of the administration and their kowtowing enablers and the ongoing suckiness of the teams I root for, I often have to stop knitting sooner than I planned.

Zen master Robert M. Pirsig wrote something I find both mind-blowing and basic in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance:  “The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.”

Dasvidaniya. Have a great weekend. Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, Blissful Solstice, and Happy New Year! See you in January.



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