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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Back in the yearslong history of Dementia-ville, there was one aide I detested more than the rest (so far). No, it wasn’t the one who told me I was going to hell, the one we had to push out the door after she was rough with the patient and kicked a dog, the one who ruined our cesspool, and it wasn’t even the one who spent the better part of a whole freakin’ day boiling goat on my stove. The aide I detested most was the one who entered our home with a dark cloud hanging over her head, the one who took three showers a day and only had two reactions towards me: ignoring or sneering.

Her presence in my home was a downer on top of a bummer, and every day she was here she radiated toxic vibes. It took my spouse months and months to get her removed from the aide rotation, and I was so relieved when she departed for the final time. The whole situation still sucked, but the chemical plant was no longer spewing pollution!

Earlier this week, the aide working in Dementia-ville suffered a horrible family tragedy. She cried, I hugged her, she departed. The agency responsible for the patient’s home care presents two choices: 1) put the patient into the hospital, or 2) let them send the only aide available in our entire county on 10-minute’s notice — Ms. Showery Sneerer.

Obviously, my spouse wasn’t going to call an ambulance, so he OK’ed the return of the Morgan le Fay of Dementia-ville. He says he “forgot” how horrid she was, but he had “no choice” anyway. As my blood boiled, the temperature in the house dropped to 31 degrees. My steps were leaden, and when I finally made it to the kitchen, I sucked down an entire bag of air-popped popcorn without stopping to breathe.

I’m certain that Lovie Smith sensed my body language, but when she got her first glimpse of the glowering aide, this 10-pound pup roared like the MGM lion!

You can tell the aide didn’t know from dogs, because she pointed at Lovie and demanded, “You, get out of here and go away.” Yeah, that’s a command we forgot to teach her.

It took four days to get the Mistress of Gloom out of the house. Yet all my husband can do is promise he’ll “try” to keep her from returning.

~~ When someone tells you she or he believes in the power of prayer, send that person my way if you want their faith demolished.

~~ So much else happened this past week. Pipe bombs, slaying of Jews, fear-mongering, and who knows what else before you read this blog. I cowered, I cried, I cringed, and I got off my keester and did some more volunteer work for candidates near and far.

~~ Please vote Democratic and toss out the gun-loving, healthcare-hating, union-busting, teacher-devaluing, women-undermining, family-separating, race-baiting, seniors-robbing GOP.

Dasvidaniya. Have a great weekend. 



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