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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Dementia-ville hosted a party the other day. The beat was reggaeton, the food was fishy, and while I tried to be as patient as could be (not my strong point), my nerves got the better of me. The patient, if she had any awareness, probably wasn’t enjoying her aide’s solitary merriment, but that’s not my flag to carry. So I poked my head into Dementia-ville, fighting back the urge to urp, and asked, “Will you please turn down the music?” “Whaaaat?” came the reply. “TURN DOWN THE MUSIC!” I screeched. “Oh, you think it’s too loud?” No, I just had nothing better to do than scratch my vocal chords for the fun of it.

~~ Overheard: “You really can’t be sure about a guy like that. His hair is way too nice looking.”

~~ The woman checking us out looked at my husband’s soda and said, “I wish I could get a soda.” He remarked, “It’s just a buck,” but she lowered her eyes and said, “I need all my money for the bus ride home.” As we walked away, I turned back and handed her one dollar. The whispered “Thank you” was heart-warming. Four days later, I was at the pet store, expecting to pick up an order that should have cost about $5. However, the order hadn’t arrived, and since my dogs needed the stuff, I picked up the largest size. Turns out that it was 75 cents more than I had in my wallet, and so I handed it back to the checkout person, sighing deeply. “Wait, wait,” the teen said. “I have some quarters in the bottom of my bag. I’ll give them to you.” Wow, karma. That was really cool, and super-fast!

~~ You ever have one of those lives that turned out to be bland by the time people told you about theirs? An acquaintance told me that her second marriage is in peril and she’s so afraid that she made her spouse give the “key to the gun closet” to an in-law. And another told me that her daughter’s marriage is ending within a year of the wedding because she’s finally acknowledged she’s been in love with someone else for quite a long time.

~~ In the saga of Lovie Smith versus the acorn-tossing squirrels: the phantom squirrels have intensified the war and expanded their territory. They are now encroaching onto the back doorstep. Every time I open the rear door, BLAM! The critter combatants start firing off another round of acorns. Lovie freezes, reconnoiters the perimeter, and then moves her gaze up, up, up towards the highest branches. She snarls and snaps at any squirrels that may be moving along the branches. Though they were heretofore oblivious to my little yapper, her yowls cause them to scurry over the limbs, causing more acorns to tumble from the tree. Aha, my canine concludes, the enemy has brought in reinforcements!

~~ Something happened to me when I was three or four in a preschool. I don’t remember almost anything about it, but in my quietest moments, the same scene flashes through my mind. I remember nothing more than feeling uncomfortable while alone with the couple who headed the school in a room with a window overlooking the playground. Maybe nothing happened, but perhaps something abusive occurred. I tried hypnotism, but the hypnotist says I balked at regressing that far back. Yet as much as I want this “event” to be just the random and strange memory of a little kid, something triggers it from time to time.

Yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee didn’t spark that preschool memory, but it was evident how raw the trauma still is for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Toxic memories were sparked for a few friends and countless others who gave even a cursory glance at recent news. I saw pent-up tears, got rage-filled texts, and read mournful, angry, and wretched tweets and blogs. I truly believed we sank as low as we could go when we let a disgusting conman into the White House, but I never saw anything like this coming. Survivors of assault are being re-traumatized by this incident, and those who may have found the gumption to report a violation are retreating far into the woodwork.

Someone committed the crime of perjury yesterday at the hearings. One of the two persons that may have lied begged — on camera, in front of a nationwide audience — for an FBI investigation. One of those two persons had nothing to gain and everything to lose by coming forward. One of those two persons has already been caught in at least six lies in front of the Senate and refused on multiple occasions to acquiesce to an FBI investigation. Moreover, one of those two persons has everything to gain by lying.

Dasvidaniya. Have a great weekend!



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