LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Dementia-ville was up to its usual tricks. There was noise, stink, and washing machine hijinks. I tried to practice indifference as much as I could, but the tally for the week was Agitated 9 Indifferent 7. The decisive score came about as I was crossed checked away from the washer on Sunday (Monday’s the designated day, but the excuse was “I’m leaving tomorrow.”) Monday’s aide then threw me a mighty hip check by doing two loads. When I inquired as to why she’s doubled the usual load count just about an hour into her stay, the new aide says, “Well, [previous aide] didn’t do a wash so the dirty stuff was piled high.” But [you know who] did a wash yesterday. “She did? Am I washing clean clothes?” Damned if I know, but the odds are that you are.

~~ The guy outside the liquor store appeared to be harassing a young woman. As I cross to the corner where they are, I say to her, “Hi! I’m ready to go now,” and she falls into step beside me. “Thank you, thank you,” she says when we’re down the block. “How did you know?” I just did. We all do.

~~ That reminds me of a buffoon of an attorney who was trying to intimidate a title closer. When things got a bit too heated, I asked her to step out and help me use the copy machine. Just as we returned to the closing room, the bully’s phone rang. We all heard, “There’s no business like show business, there’s no business I know…” We laughed uproariously as he turned a deep, dark red. Thereafter, he was quiet, and when he went to leave, he whispered, “You won’t let this get around, will you?” I replied, “Are you kidding?” (I told four people at a bar association meeting the following Friday.)

~~ My phone is often as dumb as is the man in the White House. What kinds of suggestions are these?

~~ A friend’s husband was in the hospital and after he left, she found out a relative was also there. I knew someone else who had surgery that same day, so I told her we’re reaching the age where when anyone goes to a hospital, we should send out a group text that asks, “Who else is here today?”

~~ This is our first almost autumn with our newest dog. Lovie Smith is a funny pup who lived her life before us in a house with 99 other dogs, so we have to grant her leeway for the many things that baffle and bewilder her. As I write this, Lovie is outside under a tree. She knows said tree is home to the many squirrels who fascinate (tempt) her, and for the past few days acorns have been raining down on her head as she gazes up at the climbing rodents. The look on her face and her body language indicate she’s made the connection that the squirrels are tossing the acorns down at her. She wavers between “FU, squirrels,” and “Come down here if you wanna play.” This photo won’t do her demeanor justice, but each time I tried to video her I got knocked in the noggin with a few acorns. FU, squirrels!

~~ My friend Alice was hoping that after spending Yom Kippur in a contemplative state, I’d write a blog post that was somehow different from usual. I don’t know if I’ve pleased or disappointed her by staying the same stressed snark as always. I’m sure she’ll let me know.

~~ I believed Anita Hill. I believe Professor Christine Blasey Ford. Know what else I believe? Victim shaming has got to stop. People who are molested, harassed, and raped are already too confused and/or too petrified to come forward. Predators know that victims fear their lives being smacked around and wrung out like a wet mop, and so these cruel criminals continue their malevolent ways. Don’t get caught up in victim shaming and shut down anyone who tries it. We have to be better than this.

Dasvidaniya. Have a great weekend!
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