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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ In Dementia-ville, the aide told my husband she either has to return to Guyana or Guinea. One’s in South America, the other’s in Africa, so I asked him which it was. “How do I get someone to clarify which continent they live on?” he wonders.

~~ Commingle the aromas of pineapple, scorched rice, and poop into a stink bomb; that should approximate what exploded past my nostrils at lunch the other day.

~~ The one permanent resident of Dementia-ville got a new wheelchair that’s a bit more comfortably designed for her wobbly neck. I ask how she likes it and she hisses at me. Since it was a full frontal hiss, not one aimed towards her navel, I guess she likes it well enough.

~~ The aide is afraid of our maybe-seven-pound dog. Admittedly, this little rescue is 75 percent lungs, but she couldn’t reach past the woman’s formidable calf with a stepstool and a boost from another dog. The aide abandons laundry, tossing sheets and socks into the air, and runs away if she hears Lovie. The other night she vamoosed into the bathroom to hide. Mind you, this is not a fear of dogs, as we have two others that she’s gotten to know. This little voicebox-with-a-tail just freaks her the hell out (see how big she looms hiding under the table?).

~~ I’m walking down the street as a woman in the fenced-in front yard is calling to a cat. I swear she’s summoning “Shitty Kitty!” so I stop and say hello. “What’s your cat’s name?” I ask. She laughs and says, “It’s Shitty Kitty. My daughter call her cats’ litter box the ‘shitty kitty box’ so when we adopted a new cat we thought it would be funny to name her that. She doesn’t seem to mind at all!”

~~ I just read How to Start a Fire by Lisa Lutz. Wow! She writes interesting, complex characters and tells the story of a 20-year-friendship in a manner that at first seems random (past and present pop in and out, as do the three women) but is ultimately compelling. I stopped to admire her writing style from time to time with admiration and more than a bit of envy.
There's a lot of humor and some mystery, and there's always an edge. As you can tell, I really enjoyed it!

~~ The yoga teacher and I are talking about politics and life (mostly politics) after the class ends. A woman from the next class walks over from the coat rack and asks us if we’ve seen “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” The answer is negative from both of us. Well, we should definitely see it, says this stranger, because it’s about a funny Jewish woman in the 1950s. On the sidewalk outside, we laugh. “Apparently, we exude something that screams funny Jews from the 50s!” I said as we walk to our cars.

~~ She enthuses, “You lost weight!” I reply, “No, I cut my hair four inches shorter.” She reiterates, “You really did lose weight.” I demur one more time, but she’s so insistent that I smile and nod. She must know better than my pants and scale, I guess. (Now I’m thinking, what did I look like before?)

~~ I got together with some friends on Sunday and had a wonderful time (that’s my definition of friends — people you want to hang around with because they are good for your soul). In the few moments you have to relax and enjoy a simple chat, you realize how precious that is and how you wish it happened more often.

~~ I’m marching Saturday. How about you?

Dasvidaniya. Have a good weekend!
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