LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ During this year’s Thanksgiving, I remarked about the robustness of last year’s fondue discussion. I received a few skeptical looks and two flat-out denials that such a conversation occurred. Lucky I blogged about it! I read last year’s account to a few nods and a slow realization that fondue was indeed a hot topic in 2016:

~~ Fondue now became such a temptation that the hosts broke out their fondue set (OK, one host was jazzed while the other did the up-from-the-basement schlepping). Dipping ensued (none for me, thanks) and proclamations again rang out that cheese fondue was a waste of time, effort, and calories. My daughter did support the cheese point of view, but she was outvoted.

~~ Since a record of the meal might again be called for in 2018, I’ll memorialize a few more instances from the holiday. There was the exchange student from Zimbabwe that apparently spent a few days at the home of a sister-in-law and brother, despite my brother’s and nephew’s utter lack of a single memory of this girl’s stay. Yet somehow they vividly recall the time “six random Jews” came to stay just long enough to shower (maybe they also ate — I forget).

~~ There were dynamic anecdotes about how brisk one brother prefers to keep his house. His son recounted taking a shower with a sweatshirt, his wife chronicled how she merely hovers above the toilet seat to avoid contact with its chilly surface, and his daughter says her fingers are too numb to type.

~~ John Mayer songs were voted as the “Soundtrack of Thanksgiving,” yet a Mayer hater had the sound silenced. One guest was lost until her cousin arrived, another brought pumpkin pies despite the host’s disdain for said pies (they were devoured with zeal), and there was a spirited discussion about whether eating a black and white cookie is different from eating a black and white cake (believe it or not, there’s a world of difference in the method of consumption).

~~ There may have been too much wine consumed by the person who wrote the rest of us off as thinking we’re “all cool because we talk about the Hanukah party” and too much food consumed by just about everyone. There was prolonged laughter, a generation-bridging discussion of Saturday Night Live, and some peals of laughter about a reference I don’t understand (and can’t spell to look it up). There was the absence of a grandmother figure fighting a stomach bug, a nephew in China, and a dog who’s crossed the rainbow bridge. There was the addition of some really wonderful people and a whole lot of love and gratitude.

In other words, just a typical Thanksgiving for my family. I hope your celebration was as wonderful as you deserve.

Dasvidaniya. Have a great weekend.

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