LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ There’s a moment when you hear the Dementia-ville aide shrieking into the phone because her cab hasn’t arrived and you wonder if you should walk the three rooms between you and her to share that the address she’s bleating is incorrect. I don’t want to sound condescending by telling her that “Meadow” isn’t pronounced “Hill” in this area.

~~ Maybe the lab tech was having a bad day or just wasn’t thinking. Or perhaps he’s an SOB who thinks he’s all that because he gets a lab coat and a nametag. Whatever the case, the proper response to advising he can’t demand a urine sample from a geriatric, incontinent patient is never, “Oh, so you’re refusing to allow the test?” Go ahead and knock yourself out trying, dude.

~~ I’m just speculating here, but if you took an onion and boiled it in gasoline, you might approximate Tuesday’s stench. I’m glad no one lit a match or turned on a gas burner.

~~ Last Saturday morning two women at yoga discussed how they loved "Wine Out Wednesdays" and "Thirsty Thursdays." They also wondered if noon was too early to get wine with their lunches.

~~ In the space of about 10 minutes, my business website went down, one of my emails was spewing spam, and my social media dashboard went berserk. I got two-thirds of that resolved so I could make it on time to feed my dogs their dinner. For that, they repaid me by peeing on the kitchen floor.

~~You know those ads where the pizza or other food starts slapping the person upside their head before they pop some kind of antacid? I wonder if there’s an over-the-counter pill that works when life smacks you repeatedly.

~~ The rain was coming down steadily, so as I said goodbye to an acquaintance, I added, “Stay dry!’ I never would have predicted her retort: “Honey, that ship has sailed.”

~~ Overheard: “He tried six times before my brother-in-law come to help. And then they ended up throwing it out anyway.” [I wish I knew more. I had so many questions.]

~~ Did you see that the guideline for who has clinical high blood pressure, requiring medication, has been lowered to include many more people? I read the initial release and noted a patient’s blood pressure is supposed to be taken a few times during an office visit, including after he or she sits in a quiet room for five minutes without the doc or staff being present. That’s not what happens when I visit the doctor! After sitting in a waiting room where a reality judge is yelling at people on the TV and coughing abounds all around, I’m ushered into a room 45 to 90 minutes later than my scheduled appointment. I’m ordered onto a scale with all my clothes on, and then immediately afterwards, my blood pressure is measured.
HOW THE HELL CAN MY BP NOT BE ELEVATED? No one ever takes it again. Moreover, no one better try and give me a drug based on such a bogus measurement.

~~ So a retouched and perhaps assisted Da Vinci sold for $450+ million, and Michael Jackson’s UES apartment is listed for $39 million (it does have 10 fireplaces, so that’s a value). There’s way too much money in this world for some, though not enough for most.

~~ I have a lot more opinions about life and politics, but I didn’t allocate enough writing time. See, I bust my tail for every nickel I can earn… and now the GOP wants to take even more from me to support corporate profits. So I’ll just write that if you voted for tRump despite his admitting he walked in on girls’ dressing rooms during his pageants and bragged about consent being unnecessary prior to his groping, your opinion has no merit on Moore and/or Franken. Your vote said it all.

Dasvidaniya. Have a great weekend.
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