LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I placed an online order for a couple of necessities. Before I checked out, I was asked if I wanted to try a skin sample “selected just for” me. Why not? The box arrived and I got a sample of beard lube.
I truly don’t know why one needs such a product, but I am certain it wasn’t chosen for me!

~~ Overheard at yoga: “I only like poses where you don’t get a choice — I mean I hate having to decide which is my left and which is my right.”

~~ The guard at a gated community guessed my car was a 1997 model. I said that it was a 2002 and he thereafter proceeded to rave about how much he liked it. Then he smilingly told me to “Get it washed, OK?”

~~ I called my husband over to my laptop to see the “gorgeous photos from Malta” posted on Facebook by a friend. He never showed, though I was fairly certain he’d heard me. When I asked him later why he didn’t come look, he had a straightforward answer: “Why do I want to see photos from Ulta? I go to their store every week with you and it’s not that gorgeous.” Sigh.

~~ You want to know what’s going on in Dementia-ville? It’s kind of quiet there. Actually, I mean that it’s kind of hard to hear what’s going on there because there are mammoth fans and dehumidifiers rumbling in the next room.

Remember when I shared how our fish tank leaked and soaked the floor? It did so much more than make a wet mess — the floor turned moldy, salt caked up, and the wall unit fell apart. It’s a freaking disaster. 

~~ So instead of the expressive sounds of Dementia-ville coming to me, I went to it periodically. And each time I was told to Get ooooooout! Nah, that’s untrue. Once the patent demanded, Leave you shit!

~~ May I brag about my friends for a sec? When I shared the deafening den video, one offered me her office to work. When I expressed sadness that I couldn’t host a celebratory party here for my husband’s upcoming milestone birthday, another offered me her house. The loss of furniture after the flood resulted in an offer for something from a friend’s home. I may be an also-ran in many departments, but I sure won the Friends Derby.

~~ I have oodles of words about politics, but I’ll just leave you with a few things.

Dasvidaniya. Have a great weekend.
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