LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ You know the Batman-TV theme song? It’s the Dementia-ville theme from this past week: Na na na na na na na na GO AWAY! Na na na na na na na na SHIT YOU!

~~ The woman said she was married at the age of 21 and had a child at age 22. Later in the conversation, she confided that she didn’t get her period until she was in 10th grade. The yoga teacher gleefully said, “You got pregnant almost as soon as you got your period!” The TMI woman didn’t look amused.

~~ A vegan friend made margarita cupcakes and gifted me with two. They were delicious, and as I haven’t had but a sip of champagne in decades, I think they got me a little loopy. Figures.

~~ Driving home yesterday, I saw a car with a prominent tRump bumper sticker. I was a nanosecond away from giving it a uni-finger salute when I noticed the hand-lettered sign in the back window: THIS IS MY DAD’S CAR!

~~ My mind, like most, has a tendency to wander. Yesterday, while listening to music that proclaimed, “I am that I am” in an inspirationally beautiful way, I forgot to shut the door on random thoughts. In wandered Popeye, the cartoon figure, proclaiming, “I am what I am.” A little googling later and I am convinced that Popeye was a missionary or a mystic.

~~ I’ve started learning about weathering and how it affects the mortality rate of people of color and the disadvantaged. I am sick just knowing it exists, and how much worse it will be as the PUS demolishes health care coverage. I also think about how my situation is weathering me despite my starting point not coming with a handicap. It’s hard to exist in a narrow, dark world, especially if the only two exits have doors marked, NOT SO FAST and NO TURNING BACK.

~~ I wanted to end on an upbeat note. However, heartless, soulless, spineless people who rejoice at denying people basic dignity are governing the country. Churches (who pay no taxes) can discriminate against their minimum wage female workers by denying them the reproductive choice to remain in the workforce; insurance companies can again penalize at will because of age, gender, and prior health issues; the air and water we breathe are polluted by price tags; the family in the White House is a bunch of profiteers; the newest justice on the Supreme Court didn’t hesitate to send a man to his death before his appeal process was complete; coal miners are sold a crock of shit while retail workers selling everything else are losing their jobs; refugee families are being torn apart and US citizens are made to feel violated at border checkpoints and customs; and people in need of government assistance are made to feel like less than two cents.

~~ So, here’s as upbeat as I can get:

Dasvidaniya. Have a good weekend.
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