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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Woo, woo, woo, he he he he! is the cri de cœur coming from Dementia-ville. The pitch is high and the pronunciation is quite, well, pronounced. Let me tell you, it’s no mean feat to be able to type with both hands over my ears.

~~ You don’t want to really know the story, but let’s just say that there is zero glamour in a life that sets you off in an unplanned direction until you finally hand an aide your petroleum jelly just so you can get to Passover dinner on time.

~~ I hear Ya Ya Ya Laaaaaaaaaaaa coming from a part of the house where it couldn’t possibly originate. Has the patient taken up ventriloquism in her later years? I trot off to investigate and find the aide trying to maneuver the wheelchair out a door with steps leading down. Mind you, there’s one ramp going into and out of the house for wheelchair access, and it’s right outside the door where the patient and aide spend the day. So she’s gone out of her way to schlep a wheelchair across rooms and through a narrow mudroom to try and bump, bump, bump down brick stairs? When I call a halt to this folly, she says, “Oh, your husband told me to do this!” [No, he didn’t.]

~~ A friend makes the point that now that my son has moved away, my spouse and I are empty nesters. I not so gently correct her, as my nest is filled to the brim with interlopers.

~~ Having spent the last few Passovers talking to a certain aging couple and listening to their grievance- filled recitals of aches, pains, and surgeries, I think my life in Dementia-ville left me more sympathetic to this year’s conversations. Said she, “It’s nice to meet you.” Said he, “I’m a very social person if I know you. But I don’t know you because no one introduced us.”

~~ Here’s a salute to the people who hosted holiday gatherings for our families and friends.
I am so grateful for you — you made Passover so very pleasant and gave me a needed refresher course in gratitude.

~~ Know what I’ve noticed? People who don’t have to celebrate eight days of Passover love it! They sing a different tune when you say, “Really, you love matza so much you’d eat it over pasta?” Yeah, not so much.

~~ May I brag on my husband for a moment? He’s a parallel parking maven. I’ve always been impressed with his skills, but here’s his first try the other day:

Man’s a boss.

~~ Overheard:  “It’s kind of like when you stop yourself from smacking your sister-in-law. OK, maybe not like that, but close.”

~~ So the PUS cares about “beautiful babies” when he bombs Syria, but not Yemen or Afghanistan? He doesn’t give a flying fig about the babies whose parents are grabbed by ICE and the ones drinking tainted water? He’s not concerned with kiddies bullied by racists and other bigots, or who are born to women who cannot afford to raise them? Correct me if I’m wrong, but is it US policy to avenge babies only when we can deploy a war toy?

~~ I know we’re all pawns in a profits + pandemonium power play, but I am freaking sick and tired of it. Clean air, clean water, health care, privacy — why the hell are these political issues? Moreover, who the hell ceded imperial authority to this administration and the Russkys? I sure as hell did not.

~~ Ever get taunted by a tea bag? I believe I just was:

Dasvidaniya. Have a good weekend. Have a wonderful Easter and Kalo Pascha.
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