LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Anybody looking for that awful Chucky doll to do another movie sequel? I suspect it’s living in Dementia-ville.

~~ Last week’s competent and pleasant aide has been replaced by someone unremarkable for anything other than the patient cannot stand her and I suspect the food she prepares is banned in at least three countries.

~~ Overheard: “We got those stupid auto-shades and Bob has them opening up at 7:30 every morning. Problem is I was totally naked at 7:30 this morning.”

~~ The yoga teacher told a lovely story of a community that sifted through rotting potatoes to find enough decent ones to feed hungry neighbors. Though their clothes and skin reeked of rot, they were rewarded with fragrant peaches. (I’m leaving out a lot.) So the takeaway, says the teacher, is to “smell your peach.” Afterwards, a student who had missed an important part of the story approached the teacher. “Why,” she asked, “did you tell us to smell our feet?”

~~ My son has left home for radio work in another state. He needed a car to commute between two locations, and so off he went with one of our two vehicles. Which leaves my spouse and me with one car between the two of us. I thought juggling three people and two cars was hard, but this is even harder! I’m driving myself crazy recalling a time we had four cars and three drivers — I just need to let that go. But letting go gets harder and harder when you’re in free fall, you know?

~~ I’m very excited for my son. He’s doing a job he enjoys and I can hear him do it every day via my laptop. However, I miss him. Moreover, my dogs are quite confused as to why they hear him but can’t find him.

~~ I started to write about politics, but stopped to get a snack. I returned to my desk and got as far as formulating a sentence in my head about the Supreme Court when I realized I was still hungry. After finishing off the rest of a bag of tortilla chips, I was so ready to write about the Russia connection and the utter ridiculousness of the Ivanka and Jared show. Then I remembered I hadn’t finished all the bok choy in the refrigerator, so off I went. Halfway there, I stopped in my tracks as I cannot afford to buy new clothes, the only remedy is moving on from politics.

~~ As long as we’re on the topic of eating (rather than actually chowing down) it’s time to wish everyone celebrating a very happy Passover. It’s a bruising holiday, what with everything seemingly made with eggs, and the fact that it goes on and on and on for eight interminable, flat, dry, tasteless days. Funny thing is, there’s not a single thing in this world (and I suspect, in any world beyond) keeping me observant of this most unsavory of holidays, and yet I’ve never considered ditching it. Is this a matter for Dr. Freud or Dr. Strangelove, I wonder?

~~ Wow, did you see how I swerved from wishing many of you a Zissen Pesach into a 75-word kvetch session and cry for analysis? I’d apologize, except it is my blog. Plus the dementia patient is screeching, Get out, get out, shit you shit, get out, so I think it’s time to see what kind of vegan ice cream we have in the freezer.

Dasvidaniya. Have a good weekend.
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