LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Woman 1: She never looked like that before! Do you think she’s been sick?
     Woman 2: No, I think she just stopped wearing makeup.

~~ The guy seemed irritated as he paced on the sidewalk. I just wanted to get past him and be on my way, but you pretty much know how my luck goes. He zagged when I thought he’d zig, so my yoga bag brushed his coat. “Sorry!” I immediately said. “Sure you are,” he snarled.

~~ I read a sentence and stopped. It didn’t make any sense, but I read it again. Still baffled, I read it aloud. It was unclear — actually, it was a downright muddy sentence. I deleted it and re-read the paragraph, and now all was fine. I emailed the tweaked version to the writer and waited for either an OK or a defense (explanation?) of the impenetrable sentence. Here’s what came back: Thanks so much for the revisions. I don’t know what you did without re-reading my original story, but you seem to have made it 100% better.

Basically, all I did was remove this sentence:  All in all, it was evident that to no one the research was occasionally persuasive.

~~ In Dementia-ville, the native had a particularly restless week. There was a stretch of protracted and profane screeching that caused me to investigate. The patient slowly raised her head, looked at me, and with an arm/finger waggle that looked like Endora’s motion on Bewitched, she yelped, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit! I walked out.

~~ For the past few days, I’ve consumed my breakfast and lunch to the soundtrack of a putrid horror movie. Nothing makes a smoothie go down less smooth than repeated recitals of Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and HaHaHaHahaHaHaHa!

~~ My son is leaving home to start his new job and embark upon a career. I’m thrilled for him, but it’s taking me a bit of time to process this shift in my domestic continuum. Oh, wait, that’s right. I may be losing my son’s daily presence in the house, but I’ll still have the Exorcist to distract me.

~~ I truly intended to jot down thoughts on politics all week so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed writing everything that’s pissing me off in one sitting. However, I deleted or amended the first three things I typed as matters changed deteriorated. So, I’m just going to throw down a series of accusations and recriminations. Feel free to defend them if you’re so inclined.

The PUS ain’t bringing workers jobs back by rolling back environmental protections. He’s making his billionaire buddies richer (look at how many millions Carl Icahn made just this week) and little kids with asthma sicker. He’s allowing farm workers, animals, and insects to suffer/die off so pharma and chem lobby groups can collect millions and their clients can collect billions.

~~ Do you really think having a Jr-PUS in the White House means 45 is pro-women? Ivanka is there to make her family brands stronger. Meanwhile, black women doing their jobs are mocked, poor women are marginalized (more), pregnant women are used as a bargaining chip, and immigrant women are terrorized.

~~ Are you OK with the Russian infiltration and erosion of both our country and our standing in the world? Are you OK with LGBTQ rights disintegrating, one religion being targeted, and more and more civilians dying overseas under the half-assed watch of a lazy PUS who spends more taxpayer money and time golfing/brand promoting/watching TV? Are you OK with having anyone with bucks know what you look at and buy on the web? If you aren’t comfortable answering even one of my questions, are you doing something about it?

Dasvidaniya. Have a good weekend. Here’s what happens Monday:
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