LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ In Dementia-ville, it’s easy to draw parallels. Like the squeals the patient emits, seemingly at random, that closely mimic the squeeeeee a baking potato or yam makes when you stick a fork into it. The gusts of foul odor compares to a herd of cats puking up spoiled cottage cheese. (I mean, I think so. Thank goodness, I have never actually encountered that sight-smell combo.)

~~You know how crazy people get about stocking up on food before a snowstorm? We didn’t — we’d gone shopping days before Tuesday’s storm, so we were feeling pretty smug. Until the aide’s case manager called my spouse late on Monday afternoon to demand that he go to the [ravaged] supermarket and buy food for the aide “because of the snow.” Umm, she doesn’t go out so the snow isn’t on the radar, and why didn’t she ask us when we went shopping days earlier? The agency person didn’t care to engage or even acknowledge that the shelves were likely empty.

So, my husband calls me, and I approach the aide about needing food at this inconveniently late hour. She says she “wants brown bread” but doesn’t mention a need for provisions or the approaching snow. Wall, meet head.

~~ This aide thinks she’s been leaving for three days now, but we haven’t seen her replacement.

~~ Overheard:
Don’t you hate it when you get a paper cut in the very worse spot?
At which point one sticks out her middle finger to show off her cut and the other holds up her palm.

~~ Overheard:
The plow knocked over all our garbage cans.
Why did you put them out in a storm?
That’s a strange question.

~~ One of my friends sent me a message saying, OMG, what did I do voting for that man? He’s terrible! I replied, “You knew that before you voted for him. You just thought he was going to help you financially.” I thought my strident response would lose me a friend, but it didn’t. A few hours later, she texted, You aren’t wrong. I feel dirty. I’m going to consider this progress.

~~ The appalling indifference to the needs of the many by the GOP is not exactly shocking, but the bald-faced boldness by which they target the vulnerable is wicked. Are we to blame because we’re not rich, not healthy, not strong, not US born, not male? Are we to be punished because we need the arts, need information, need a helping hand?

~~ Someone told me I over-reacted about families being split apart, anti-Semitism, racism, federal lands being sold off, clean air and water attacked, and of course the Russian control of the administration. “Worry about your own,” she instructed me. I thought I was worrying about my own — my own country, that is.

~~ Michael Flynn accepted money from the Russians but then publicly denied it. Why lie — whom does it benefit?

~~ Did PUS say he could shoot someone and not lose a vote because he already knew the fix was in? 

Have a good weekend.
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