LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Let’s start in Dementia-ville, shall we? Where the lovely, competent aide has departed and been replaced by someone new. Time will tell, folks.

~~ Go away! the patient shrieked. When I inquire, I’m told Doody doody ha ha ha ha ha doody! Or maybe it was duty? Either way, I don’t think it was the appropriate response to wondering if all was OK.

~~ If an ocean dries up and all its creatures are left to decompose, I’ll bet you it smelled better than Tuesday around here.

~~ A friend related a story about a home health care worker she suspected of ripping off her elderly father, so she set up a nanny-cam in a lamp. The worker must have discovered it, because when next the friend came to visit dad, the camera had a raisin stuck over the lens. As she put it, “My dad eats only pureed foods and the bird only eats seeds. Where else did the raisin come from if not from Miss Light Fingers?” Miss LF was terminated and nothing else vanished from her dad’s possessions.

~~A friend messaged me, “Do anything for yourself today?”
Yes, I attempted camatkarasana and chapasana together!
“That’s so funny — I guess you ate Indian food and spellcheck changed ‘chana masala’ into gobbledygook!”
Nope. However, that sounds good, too.

~~ I believe many readers know that I knit scarves and leave them around for cold people to find. 

I’m not sure why an incident this past weekend pissed me off so much, but it did. I left a scarf early last Saturday tied to a street pole near the yoga studio. It was still there as I left and the street was filling up with revelers for a very-premature St. Patrick’s Day parade. As it was still there Monday, I went to retrieve it and discovered that someone had removed my tag and replaced it with a note saying the scarf was from a local church. And that the scarf wearer should visit the church for a “spiritual delight.” [I didn’t save it. I read it, ripped it off, and tossed it into the nearby garbage can.]

I know G-d works in mysterious ways, but if you’re a church-going believer, do you think the master of your universe needs to take credit for someone else’s knitting?

~~ When it comes to politics, I’m going to save my strength a bit. I’ll need it once I can no longer afford my health insurance.

Have a good weekend.

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