LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Overheard: “I have no reason to buy cookies from her kid. It’s not like we vacation with these people or anything.”

~~ Observed: The larger and angrier-looking the person, the more likely it is that his or her ringtone is Fleur de Lise or ‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple.

~~ In this week’s edition of Dementia-ville, we have a patient who cackles with apparent glee after spouting profanity at the top of her turbo-charged lungs. We have an aide who is in such a committed relationship with her phone that I am fairly certain little android babies are gestating in her womb. We have an aroma that is likely what shoes would smell like if they were worn by a basketball team for three straight weeks and then left under the bed for three months. And we have an atmosphere that resembles the pants of a clerk I saw at the supermarket:  ripped to the point where the only thing keeping us from seeing his BVDs was a couple of threads.

~~It appears we have our own version of Dementia-ville happening in DC. That could be a side effect of the Propecia tRump takes to give him that sleek and sexy straw mane, or it could be part of his DNA (his bigoted dad developed dementia). Here are some of my reflections:

~~ Bannon tells media to shut up. Trump defends first amendment rights of a white supremacist.

~~ A Kentucky Court Clerk defies the Supreme Court and she’s a hero. The acting Attorney General wants to uphold the Constitution and she’s fired.

~~ The GOP Congress spends eight years doing nothing but grandstand about Benghazi and collect paychecks. The Democrats now want to oppose a right wing SCOTUS-nominee and hold hearings on conflicts of interest, but the GOP scream, “Obstructionism!”

~~ A grandmother who scolded people on Facebook for saying Santa is not real because her grandkids read her posts is aghast that the parents of Dreamers didn’t tell their kids they were all lawbreakers.

~~ A frothing-at-the-mouth tRump supporter told me to “Hush” as she did not wish to have a discussion with me about the Muslim ban. I looked aggrieved, so she said, “Listen. Everything a president does is automatically legal. And, you’re not that young. The Constitution probably changed a lot since you went to law school.”

~~ Russia is great. Australia sucks.

~~ tRump ordered a raid in Yemen but didn’t hang around to see what developed. Therefore, the adults and children who died weren’t his fault.

~~ The National Prayer Breakfast is the appropriate place for tRump to pray for ratings. So everywhere else is a proper place to pray for his departure.

Have a good weekend!
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