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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I’m not someone who offers excuses for not writing too often. From 2006 until 2013, I wrote this blog religiously five days a week. However, this week I got waylaid and sidetracked (yes, both) by the newest development in dementia-ville. So I need to postpone the story of the medical professional who shared with me (unbidden) the details of the nasty stomach bug she picked up in Canada and a whole lot of political ranting.

~~ I’ll skip all the updates on the aide who looked me in the eye and said she wasn’t doing what she was so obviously doing and lashed out at me to stop talking to her “because I don’t know who you are.” And the aide that had to leave because her ex-spouse committed suicide but never heard me offer a word of condolence as she was constantly chattering on the phone and refused to acknowledge my presence.

~~ Let’s skip to yesterday. A new aide replaced morning aide Wednesday evening. I didn’t have occasion to be home until 12:30 pm Thursday, when I see her emerge from the patient’s room. “Hi,” I say. “Good morning,” she says. As I look up from chopping carrots, she says, sternly, “I’m addressing you.” I advised that I’d said “Hi” but as it wasn’t morning, I didn’t return the greeting. “Harumph,” I believe was the reply.

~~ Up the stairs she goes to her room. When the aide doesn’t return after a few minutes, I check on the patient, who has slumped down. The only thing stopping her from falling on the floor is the wheelchair lap strap across her windpipe. I call the aide, “[Name] she’s slipping from her wheelchair and is about to hurt herself.” Nothing happened. “[Name] she’s slipping from her wheelchair and is about to hurt herself.” No response. So I check on patient again and yell, “[Name] she’s slipping from her wheelchair and is about to hurt herself!” [Name] slowly lumbers down the stairs and asks, “Who?”

~~ It’s obvious as she futilely tries to re-right her patient in the wheelchair that [Clueless Name] doesn’t know what she’s doing. And I’m starting to doubt she’s all right in the head, to boot. She retrieves the lift that raises and lowers the patient and runs it over my flip-flop wearing foot. She then smashes it into the patient’s leg and aimlessly moves it about without connecting with the target. I propose we put the patient on the couch and instruct [Clueless Name] to watch her carefully until my husband can get home and (re) train her.

~~ There are details I’m not sharing but know that my husband’s call to the agency yielded an immediate visit by a nurse. Seems the agency knew they’d sent someone who wasn’t experienced — just a damn warm body they could throw into the mix when the mourner needed out.

~~ As my husband and I walk into the patient’s area with the nurse, I spy a round, pink, scored pill on the floor. “What’s this?” The nurse grabs it but the suddenly swift aide lunges, snatches it away, and proclaims, “It’s a vitamin.” (One of my scavenger dogs could have ingested that and also, I was right — she’s on something.)

~~ Stuff, more stuff, still other stuff happens and then… [Clueless Name] walks into the kitchen with pots and food to start making her dinner. Except I’m cooking dinner already, so I ask her to come back when I’m done. She stands there blocking my access to the cabinets and drawers, and after I ask two more times, she walks back toward the patient, who is wide-awake. I remark, “You need to be in there watching her while she’s awake, not cooking.” She replies, “Oh, I asked her and she said it was OK for me to cook.” What? “She has dementia,” I blurt out, “and you’re here to interact with her and look out for her safety.” Her comeback: “She has dementia?”

~~ Today we’ll have a new aide.

~~ The weather was lovely for the past few days. Though I rarely “do lunch” anymore, a housebound friend with a broken foot enticed me to take her out for a couple of hours. It was awesome! The company was delightful and the 80-degree temperature allowed us to dine outside along the water. Remind me to do this again in 2017, please?

~~ I’m having my “Nasty Woman” card laminated. You can make one, too!
~~ Is this clever marketing or just sheer stupidity writ large?
Have a great weekend!
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