LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ She says she can’t believe that no one has noticed she’s done great on her diet and lost five pounds. I say people are often in their own worlds and oblivious to what’s happening around them. “Hmmmph,” she replies, not listening to a word I say. “Maybe I should wear tighter shirts.”

~~ “How’s the new aide?” is the kindly question I am often asked. Let’s see, on a scale that runs from Completely Inconspicuous to Thoroughly Obnoxious, I’d say we’re at a four now. Except she has a detestable habit of sitting on a chair and planting her bare feet on my wall. Who does that?

~~ There’s also the tête-à-têtes on the phone that continue as she heats food in the microwave. She stands fairly close behind me as I read the paper, and she talks for two minutes or so. No “Hold on,” or “I’ll call you back” for this aide — she just natters on and on in Creole. She was talking to someone named George, I think, because she said his name a lot. I’m such a petulant child that every time she mentioned George I muttered, “George sucks.”

~~ In addition, there’s some food she likes that, when microwaved, smells exactly like a high school locker room one week into a janitors’ strike.

~~ OK, on that scale I established, she’s now a six. Or seven. I don’t know what I was thinking with a four score.

~~ The dementia patient has been a smidge subdued this week. Her outbursts are still as rancorous, but decidedly shorter. Instead of variations on You’re so ugggggggggggggggggggggggggly! I’ve mostly been hearing No! No! However, there was one prolonged flare-up that sounded like Porky Piggy! Porky Piggy! Porky Piggy! Porky Piggggggggggggggggggggy! When I walked in to see if I could quell it or confirm what she was saying, she gave me a cold-eyed stare and used her pet name for me: Ass.

~~ How is it that many of the people who demand that the US flag and anthem must be saluted don’t remember that those are symbols of the freedoms we hold dear?

~~ I wish my grandmother was around so she could smack Donald Trump Jr. and tell him that Holocaust jokes are never, ever funny. Except I guess they are to anti-Semites and white supremacists — part of the deplorables making up the Trump family and supporters. My stomach dropped three stories when I heard him make the gas chamber reference, yet the haters are loving it:

~~ In the past few days, the NY Times has said that Trump “stretched the truth” and “dissembled the facts” because they won’t use the word lie. And neither will NPR:

~~ And as for the nasty pundits who say Hillary Clinton was trying to “hide something” when she went to a memorial service while suffering from pneumonia, let me tell you a quick story. The day after laparoscopic surgery, I developed bronchitis. Two days after surgery and one day into bronchitis, I did two closings and cared for my son while my husband traveled. I taught a class and had a contract signing before eventually collapsing, but I don’t consider it extraordinary. It’s just what people who need to move ahead do — we muscle on until our bodies apply the brakes.

~~ I don’t have to root the Jets on again until after next week’s blog. Am I lucky or what?

Have a great weekend!
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