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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ When you’re shivering in February, the month of August is so alluring. However, when July swooshes by and August arrives, I’m like, damn, I want it to be June again.

~~ A new aide started this week. I have no idea what will be, but as of now, there’s no hue and cry from her.

~~ However, her charge is another story. She's screaming amidst her dementia, "Say what you wanna say." So I sing, "And let the words fall out. Honestly, I wanna see you be brave." She glares at me and says, "Oh, you shit."

~~ Look out, Laura. I don’t who you are or what you’ve done, but there is a very frail, elderly woman who is declaring, “Laura, I will kill you. Die, die, die, die, Laura.” (Considering she can’t even reach the doorknob without assistance, you likely are safe, but I’d take precautions just to be sure.)

~~ The guy asked me how I could like sushi when “it’s all fish.” No, I explain, I get vegetable sushi. He rolls his eyes and says, “That isn’t how sushi works.”   OK, thanks.

~~ Last year, a woman yelled at me while I was walking down the block towards the yoga studio. “Move your car! I need to park there so I can mow my lawn” and so on. She was exceedingly hostile and I wasn’t going to win by declaring it a public street, so I moved the car. Flash forward a year and I’m walking past her house as she’s standing in the driveway. “Hello,” she greets me. I stiffen but respond in kind. “You going to yoga?” I nod. “Do you like it? Is it good for bad backs? I have a bad back and need to do something…” OK, she doesn’t remember me and I love yoga, so I extoll its virtues and even tell her when the gentlest classes meet. I walk away thinking how absolutely strange this universe can be.

~~ When Republicans advise Donald Trump to “get back on message” what exactly do they mean? Stop smearing a Gold Star family and resume smearing women or Muslims, or start praising Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein? What is Trump’s message besides “I say I’m a winner so I must be one” or calling Hillary Clinton kindergarten names?

~~ The Trump men (who berate and belittle with abandon, and slay animals with glee) can’t fathom how a “strong” woman would “allow” herself to be sexually harassed. That’s friggin’ ridiculous and completely cut off from reality. Remove the words sexual harassment and substitute anything else inflicted upon a victim, and then tell me you think these people have any grip on reality.

~~ It’s distressing that Trump has a platform to do and say such malicious, hateful things, but voters who’d rather flip the bird to the USA than vote for a qualified candidate are enjoying their moment in the sun (after spending decades under rocks). What makes me nauseated (aside from the orange creature from the black lagoon) is that I have seen teachers post messages in support of Trump and parents proclaim that they are voting for him. I respect democracy despite its messiness, but it’s insanity for teachers to vote for a bully they wouldn’t allow in their classrooms. And parents — how will you look your kids in the eyes one day and admit, “Yes, he was a lot like Mussolini [or Joseph McCarthy], but I was very willing to hand him the keys to our country”?

~~ I raised these concerns with a middle school teacher and she said, “Well, but, I hate Obama and Hillary’s a clone of his.” There is so much wrong with this response that we just need to move along. (After reading this analysis of Trump supporters:

~~ I tweeted out to the NY Mets that they should consider getting Raid to sponsor the team. Players are dropping like flies!

~~ The latest issue of Boating Times Long Island is out. You’ll enjoy it, I promise!

Have a great weekend!
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