LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ We’ll subtitle today’s blog Cooking Beans and Conversing. Because that’s what killed any possibility of me finding a nice quiet stretch of time to write on Monday. I don’t get why some people shout on a mobile phone — I believe smartphones are supremely capable of picking up normal conversational tones. But don’t tell that to the woman who yakked so loudly that I’m sure people two blocks away wondered why their TVs and radios played only Creole.

~~ Or perhaps we’ll subtitle today’s entry Listen, Listen to How Much She Poops. Better yet —Why You Don’t Have a Broom? is kinda catchy. I was in the zone, so close to finding a great ending to a story, when I was asked the latter. And less-than-enchanted by a recital of the former while I tried desperately to get some alone time with my washing machine.

~~ Did you hear the one about the aide who broke the motor in the hospital bed, then insisted to the agency that it’s an inhospitable place to work because the bed is too low? Don’t worry if you didn’t — it’s not actually a joke.

~~ How about one more non-joke joke? This one’s about a visitor who took a shower in our guest room — the same place the aide resides. The aide apparently took the guest’s wet towel and put it outside over a fallen screen in our backyard, where my husband happened to come across it. Why was it there? “To dry,” of course.

~~ A lovely yoga teacher shared this great quote:

~~ I am truly going to dedicate myself to boredom. I’ll let you know [yawn] if I’m successful.

~~ Seeing as how I’m way behind in my writing and starting to feel some pressure to let things go, I’ll just post this with pride:

~~ And finally share with you that even when you’re lucky enough to find the right person, 37 years of marriage is frickin’ amazing:

Have a great weekend!
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