LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ My spouse sees the aide giving his frail mom cheese and crackers in mid-day. He wonders if it’s already time for an afternoon snack. Nope, he’s told, it’s lunch. I guess the aide thought he’d call the agency to report her laziness, so she called first to report that we had no food in the house.

~~ Next aide comes and I walk into the kitchen where I’m greeted by the sight of a pot full of boiling something sitting above a huge gas flame. And no one around. So I walk to another room where the aide is lounging on a couch and tell her she cannot leave a flame unattended. She grumbles and when done cooking, she calls the agency to report that I won’t let her use the kitchen.

~~ My husband hears that from the agency and immediately calls bullshit. When he returns later to check on his mom, the aide tries to enlist him to get me to lay off her. He says no way — we have few rules, but one is not to burn down our house. 

~~Next morning Ms. Firebug yells at me. It’s my problem if I’m “scared of fire” and anyway, she doesn’t have to listen to me because she doesn’t work for me. She works for my husband. He corrects her in no uncertain terms.

~~ She calls the agency back to change the story from my prohibiting the use of the kitchen to my having some psychological issue. The agency calls my husband to explain that I have to get over this irrational fear of flames being blown towards my wood cabinets as a ceiling fan turns rapidly overhead. Leaving a cooking fire unattended is “cultural,” he’s told, and I must be tolerant.

~~ Later, I hear the aide call me an “impossible bitch” to someone on the phone. However, you haven’t heard the worst yet.

~~ From where I’m standing making a cup of tea, I can see the aide’s lower torso and legs as she’s eating in the next room (her head is tilted back and she’s wearing headphones, so I guess she isn’t aware of my proximity). One of my dogs inches towards her —he’s seated— to see what she’s eating, and she kicks him. TRY HOLDING ME BACK NOW. I get the boys away and my husband calls the agency to have her removed. But they don’t promise any quick action.

~~ Next thing you know, my husband sees a very large bruise on his mom. Aide first claims it was there and calls the prior aide to get her to confirm this. Of course, she says it wasn’t. So then the aide starts screaming, gets her stuff, and leaves.

~~ Now we have a frail, bruised woman without care unless we both don’t work today. And an agency rep who tells us that if we need a break, we should try to get my mother-in-law admitted to a hospital.

Have a great weekend!
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