LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ “I’d make you some to try,” she said of a new recipe, “but it has salt in it and I didn’t know if that was vegan.” I said salt was always vegan unless the people who harvested it are killed in the process. To her credit, she laughed.

~~ I just used up the last title company freebie from my time in practice. I never understood salespeople who showed up with office supplies. Was I supposed to base the quality of my client’s home purchase and enjoyment of clean title on who gave me better paper clips?

~~ Kudos to NYC for banning smokeless tobacco at ballparks. They could dispense with legislation and enforcement and likely cure every chewer if they’d just hold up mirrors to show what they look like with the disgusting spittle and terrible teeth, but that’s my little old opinionated take.

~~ The other day, I put my legs over my shoulders like they were straps on a backpack, and then lifted up to semi-resemble a firefly. I’m not bragging about the physical achievement; I share because having the freedom to try a pose like this is why I love yoga. My brain did not dwell on stress and worry, and I was away from both the demands of others and my preconceived notion of gravity. When I’m on my yoga mat, all I have to focus on is my breathing for 75 glorious minutes.

~~ Hey Bernie Sanders, many women know what you mean when you say “not qualified.” We know that’s code for “woman” and we are sick and tired of gender (purportedly) conferring second-class status.

~~ A woman who seemed otherwise sane said she’s voting for Bernie because “he’s not a career politician like Hillary and needs a chance to get things done.” Whaaaat? He’s held elected office since 1971 and, near as I can figure, didn’t cause a progressive revolution in the past 45 years.

~~ A woman who is obviously inane is very excited about Donald Trump. She says, “He’s not one of them” and will fix what ails middle class people like her — which apparently is being 55 years old and divorced twice from husbands who didn’t pay child support. Yep, the guy who claimed to be broke when he’d divorce his wives and who thinks women her age are useless is going to make her life better. Though I wonder if it’s by withholding Western Union payments to Mexico from those in the US so he can fund his wall, or by creating an nuclear Japan, or just by kicking all Muslims (except “some good ones”) the hell out of the country.

~~ And this woman is hoping Trump will bring funerals back and stop all those flower-less cremations!

~~ Did you see Ted Cruz at the matzah factory?

~~ For readers wondering how prison life is progressing for me, I thought I’d share a picture instead of 1,000 words:

~~ OK, also one story. I was thisclose to getting out the door to go to yoga when I’m tugged. “Come look at this. Come look at this.” It was something that could wait and nothing at all.

~~ OK, another one. Nah, I can’t. I started to type it and began to shake.

~~ Serenity now:

Have a great weekend!
GOing away soon, NY KNICKS, GO!
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