LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Today there will be lots of griping about the narrow world of elder care. Skip to the part about politics towards the end if you had your fill of whining in last week’s blog (if you have no idea how my life has imploded, scroll down and read March 18’s entry).

~~ I have a great idea for a story and trot towards my computer. “Dear, do you have more body wash?” I run upstairs to get it. “Come, let me show you…” says the aide as she points out things I already know or don’t need to know. Twenty minutes later, I arrive at the computer and the idea has vanished. Poof! Just like my life and creativity.

~~ I really thought I enjoyed a broad range of music, but the Creole songs that are blasting as I write this are kind of whiny.

~~ The aide yells, “You have to wake her up earlier! She poo’ed all over herself.” Isn’t that what people do who wear diapers and need aides?

~~ Two out of the last three home health aides have been coughing and sneezing. Apparently, the health part of their title is optional.

~~ Actually, health isn’t a consideration at all. The majority of the aides are smokers, which means I am regressing to that child/teenage state where my mom and grandma both puffed away night and day and my stomach turned over and over. I can’t abide the smell, and though they seem to smoke only outside, the stench is pervasive inside.

~~ “You’re going to give her cold cuts for dinner?” one aide asked my husband quite archly. I was hoping he wouldn’t be mollified by her faux nutrition expertise; the aide ate a large bag of store-brand Doritos and drank a big bottle of Pepsi for lunch.

~~ The family member gives me that same cold glare I’ve been getting since Jimmy Carter was president. Since most of her recollection seems to have vanished, I may be ready to attribute it to a form of chronic resting bitch face.
~~ First-year psychiatry patients would probably have a field day with what I’ve shared today.

~~ A yoga-friend told me about her grandfather with dementia and PTSD dating back to WWII. Once he took all the shiny balls off the family Christmas tree and hurled them at the neighbor’s house, yelling “Die, Nazis!” and lots of profanities. “Be grateful your [family member] isn’t mobile,” she says.

~~ Do Trump voters actually think soulless cretins who indiscriminately murder people while blowing themselves up will crawl back into the motherless wombs from which they were hatched if Mr. Huuuuuge is elected? Their candidate scares the hell out of me, but I’d venture a guess he’d be nothing more than an ISIS recruiter if he won.

~~ A young Bernie Sanders voter tried to “educate” me about how he was a “better Democrat” than HRC. When I asked if he realized Bernie just recently became a Democrat and has never engaged in down-ticket fundraising for other Democrats, his retort was laughable but ignorant: “You’re wrong. He was always a Democrat, but he just didn’t want to waste his time going to party functions.”

~~ I couldn’t believe that Paul Ryan Is this the little girl I carried, is this the little boy at play? and that afterwards Charles Grassley I don't remember growing older, when did they? but it seems the Supreme Court Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the days…     Obviously, a request was made for the Fiddler on the Roof CD, and I cannot focus on anything because of the noise four rooms away. If I were a rich man…

Have a great weekend! If you’re celebrating Easter, have a blessed and peaceful holiday.
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