LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The woman lay down on her yoga mat this past Monday and asked the room in general, “Did anybody else eat half a loaf of Irish soda bread this weekend?” Turns out no one else did, but she received some general joshing and a good dose of rationalizing as to why it was no big deal. Thinking it was an amusing story, I shared it at the dinner table, where I was so surprised to hear my son say, “I did, too!”

~~ I was walking down the street when a woman seemingly of an advanced age pulled up onto the sidewalk to park. Needless to say, I was startled and grateful that I was untouched. I stare at her as she exits the car and heads for the deli. She either had no clue what she did or her curb jumping was so commonplace that she no longer felt the need to apologize to passersby.

~~ My life has changed completely as a frail family member with dementia has come to live with us. I was going to write a few words here about the demands and chaos, then recalled I’d shared quite a few words with friends and relatives who were kind enough to ask how things were going and allow me to vent. Here are some snippets of my responses:

  • I've mopped up after a messed up washing machine mishap. I have been called on approximately 20 times before noon. I gave her my lunch because the aide said, "Maybe she'll like that better than what I was going to give her."

  • The Game Show Channel is on all day — every time some contestant wins (or loses, I don't know) as signaled by a bell, my dogs run to the front door, barking wildly

  • I open the refrigerator door and grape juice pours all over my legs and shoes from a filled cup the aide left on a shelf. "Oh, did that spill?" she asks as I mop up and wash my shoes.

  • “I’m cold” is followed by “I’m hot” as soon as you run for another blanket. “Turn up the thermostat” says the aide. “Can’t you make it any cooler in here?” asks the aide within 10 minutes.

  • I cut up tomatoes but she doesn't like them. I cut up Brussels sprouts but she doesn't like those. I cut up broccoli but she doesn't like that. Exasperated, I tell the aide to stop asking me to prepare vegetables to serve as she apparently doesn't like them and my dogs are getting fatter from all that extra food.

  • My house smells from applesauce and diapers, and let me tell you, an air freshener simply called “Feng Shui Spray” is no match. No match at all.

~~ Let me temper my griping (I already edited the above quite a bit) by acknowledging that I was humbled and grounded by two women in a yoga class. One woman has a family member struggling with cancer and the other lost her 40-year-old son. Both touched my arm and offered their shoulders because their hearts weren’t hardened against the world. As they flanked me, my heart opened enough to feel their pain and my brain acknowledged that their stories were way worse than any of mine.

~~ “You’re Irish, right?” he asks. “You have red hair.” I say that I don’t think you can go by that anymore. He cracks me up by responding, “But Clairol sounds a bit Irish, don’t you think?”

Have a great weekend!
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