LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Chris Christie followed up his out-of-state campaigning for president and out-of-state stumping for Trump with an out-of-state visit to watch spring training baseball in Florida. What a public servant!

I just have one question, Chris: If I’m down on my luck in NJ and need government assistance, you’ve done your damndest to ensure I don’t get it, so how come you’re entitled to have the taxpayers fund your hobbies?

~~ I read an article by one of the least-likable attorneys I know (and that, folks, is a wide field). In it, she archly discusses management of a law practice, though she does not run one. Her suggestions regarding staff and interruptions include train, restrict, control, curb, and eliminate. That sounds more like teaching a puppy! I’m surprised she didn’t counsel lawyers to brandish a soiled newspaper at staff or send them into crates.

~~ The weather was so delightful the other day that I left my winter coat at home and wore a lightweight New York Rangers’ jacket to yoga. The class was all females, and as I walked back to the coat/shoes area, one woman said, “I wonder who wore that aggressively masculine coat?” I fessed up immediately, and she laughed, saying, “I was just curious because there weren’t any guys here today!” I left shaking my head and wondering both how a coat hanging on a hook can be aggressive and how one tells from the back if an outer garment has a gender.

~~ Overheard: “What kind of shampoo did you use? Your hair looks good.” “Thanks. I dunno. Whatever my daughter bought.” “Don’t you pay for everything?” “Yes, but she chooses everything.”

~~ I’m sitting next to my spouse having a conversation with a guy. At one point, he says to me, “You look familiar.” He then turns to my husband and asks, “Has she ever been to [name of his business]?” Hello, fella: I’m right here!

Have a great weekend!
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