LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ “Can we go to dinner next week?” asked one woman to another. “I can’t make plans for next week until I decide if I’m going on a diet,” was the response.

~~ Last night’s GOP debate was between Three Stooges and Stan Laurel.
~~ There are about two gazillion reasons why the 2016 political race is both so puerile and venomous, but those who shrugged off the “Produce your birth certificate, Barack Hussein Obama,” and the Joe Wilson “You lie!” during the SOTU, discounted the multiple killings of unarmed persons of color, and didn’t see the big deal over rallies advocating for discrimination against LGBTQ persons have brought hatred out of the shadows.

~~ But wait, there’s more:

~~ I’ve found that it’s never really worth it to turn in early for bed when you have dogs. They make a mental note of what time you turn in and then, just for the fun of it, wake you up two hours before the time your alarm is set to go off.

~~ I burst out laughing when a caller to a sports radio show described himself as a “disgruntled Knicks’ fan.” Are there any other kinds?

~~ I’m walking along the boardwalk on a 60-degree day in February. I stop to take photos and notice a man wearing a NY Rangers’ hat standing by the railing. I casually ask, “What do you think of the trade?” He hadn’t heard about the trade that had taken place one hour earlier, and from there, he spoke for about 10 minutes on his hip replacements, his weight loss goals, his grandmother’s garden, and his father’s various ailments. He also related how he wants to see the NY Giants win another championship before Eli retires and why money is the root of all sports evils. This, my friends, is why I suck at small talk.

Anyway, here’s a couple of the photos I took…

Have a great weekend!
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