LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I was displaced from my office after 24 years. It’s not for a reason I wanted and it’s not something I embrace, but it happened. As I was feeling the lowest about moving out, I found a 1996 Polaroid photo of my father that had slipped behind the desk and a teeny (one-half inch) figurine of a clown he’d given me from his vast collection. I took the finds as signs. What else could they be but my dad telling me that things will be fine?

~~ I’m not sure if this is also a sign, but a yoga teacher opened a class by saying, “Don’t constantly carry around your woe. Put it down and walk away from it from time to time so the weight of it doesn’t become unbearable.”

~~ I had no connectivity for three days at the beginning of the week. No internet, no landlines, no TV. All gone because a competing service working nearby cut our lines. Our service provider was fairly useless for two-and-a-half-days, and then I called them out on Twitter. Suddenly service was restored and a followup call placed to gauge our satisfaction. The satisfaction was quite low, thank you very much, as was our patience. One more day of living like semi-Neanderthals and I’m not sure how this story would end.

~~ We watched the Democratic Town Hall on CNN on a tablet and couldn’t flip channels as usual. The numerous talking heads assembled resembled the incessant and pointless chatterers before, after, and halfway through NFL games. Lord help us, but do we need people who used to be something, want to be something, and failed at being something explaining the nuances of every freaking elbow bend, nose scratch, and policy mention?

~~ You think Trump’s a winner just because he says he is one? Besides his failed marriage, airlines, and businesses, don’t you remember how he screwed up the USFL and caused the league to fold?

~~ I nod and say “Hello” to a guy from time to time. Nothing more, ever, so why do you think he felt compelled to ask me if I “wanted to hear a joke?” I smiled and said, “No, but thanks.” Then I decided my answer was just as strange as his question.

~~ I was on my way to an office in a professional building. As I walked down the corridor, a door was open into what I saw was a small law office (one man’s name on the door). He was talking loudly and excitedly, so when I completely passed his doorway I stopped to eavesdrop for a moment. “Mom, mom, mom!” he yelled. “I hate this goddamned profession, and if you want the money back, I’ll give it to you. I never want to go in front of a judge again, do you hear me?”

Have a great weekend!
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