LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The two men exiting the deli were talking to each other as I walked past. I’m wondering what the gist of the conversation was, based on this snippet: “And my wife’s psychic says it’s certain he’ll go to jail.”

~~ You know you’re growing older when you nod in agreement with someone who says she likes her new jeans because “they are roomy.”

~~ People are strange. We hired someone new last week. After working a few hours in the office, she asked if she could work from home. That was OK with us, but then she went missing. A week later, she emailed to say she quit because it's too hard to work at home with a toddler around. 

~~ A friend called her a “screwball” when I related the story. That sums it up in a non-profane way.

~~ Someone on Twitter was recommending a book. I’m sure she’s a lovely, sincere person, but I don’t think she did the author any favor by tweeting this: What a Great Weekend Read. Read it in One Day!

~~ Speaking of Twitter… go, Cher!

~~ I’m not making light of the Flint situation. It’s an American horror story, and it’s being played out to some extent in every poverty-stricken municipality in this country. People without the means to influence elections just can’t compete for a fair shake. Or good health.

~~ I don’t know about you, but I won’t be watching the NFL Pro Bowl Game or NHL All Star Game Sunday evening. I tried watching years ago, and I just couldn’t get into them. I do enjoy the NBA’s nobody gets hurt and everybody looks good all star affair and baseball does entice for a couple of innings, but there’s nothing about the two games being played on Sunday that’s appealing. I’d almost rather watch a few hours of Donald Trump saying “China.”

Crap. The video’s only three minutes long. So to fill the time, I looked to see if there’s a Carly Fiorina compilation, maybe with her turning up her nose at every suggestion that she lied about seeing a non-existent video. Instead, I found something much better!

This should immediately disqualify her from just about everything.

~~ Thanks to those of you who reached out to me about my seasonal disaffection — it definitely didn’t improve when 30 inches of snow fell. However, a few of your suggestions are solid ones. Those did not include the suggestions that I vacation for a month in Belize or spend 20 minutes outside daily (with bare arms, to boot). I can’t afford the former and as for the latter, well, I guess I’d rather watch the NHL All Star Game than walk around in 20-degree weather in a tee shirt.

Have a great weekend.
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