LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I am writing this before last night’s debate, so I’m lacking in timeliness, not failing to stay current. I guess topics that may have been covered are Ted Cruz’ possible ineligibility for office (if Professor Laurence Tribe says it’s an unsettled matter, I’m inclined to believe him) and his failing to disclose that he borrowed big bucks from Goldman Sachs and Citi to finance his senatorial campaign. Cruz calls the non-disclosure inadvertent, but inasmuch as using Wall Street money didn’t fit in with his fictional story line of liquidating all his assets to run free of special interests, I’d call the oversight deliberate. It’s sort of like Cruz citing the original language of the Constitution when it suits him and centuries-later Supreme Court rulings when he prefers them, or telling a voter forum that the SCOTUS don’t have the final say when he knows his base hates the Supremes.

~~ Donald Trump may cheat on his wives and screw those who do business with him, but beware the stealthy Mr. Cruz as well. He’s a prostitute.

~~ Then again, what the hell is this Donald Trump-sanctioned spectacle?

~~ I celebrated a birthday this week.
It was definitely a strange one. This was a milestone, but that wasn’t the complete reason it was so peculiar. I asked for little (nothing material) and received less, but was nevertheless rewarded by an excess of good wishes and hands extended in friendship and love. So let me retract strange and substitute unexpected. Yes, I believe that sums it up much better.

~~ I vividly remember my mom clutching War and Remembrance, a Herman Wouk novel, being so excited that he’d published something new (Winds of War came out six long years before — I looked it up). I never imagined then that, 38 years later, I’d greet the news that there was a new Wouk title with excitement, too!

~~ The woman was recounting her cruise to others when I overheard this:

        Listener:  Wow, that sounds expensive!
        Cruiser:  Second husbands are good for something.

Have a great weekend!
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