LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ What am I missing about the social media holiday uproars? People are up in arms about changes in malls, hot beverage cups, and cashier greetings, maintaining they are "breaking with tradition." But since when are shopping centers, coffee shops, and checkout lines tied in with religion?

~~ People used to say "Yuletide greetings," but no one wants to bring that saying back, right? Or is there a group that feels persecuted because the clerks at the dollar store are saying “Happy Holidays” instead of wishing all a good Yule?

~~ Mother Nature Network has a post making a great point about the real brouhaha we should all be creating over the Starbucks brew-in-a-red-cup story: the damn cups are just sips away from becoming garbage. And we are already drowning in trash!

~~ Did you watch the Republican debate earlier in the week? It was filled with lies told by asses with straight faces. The voluminous falsehoods have already been fact-checked and ridiculed. However, what sticks with me is that, with the exception of John Kasich, every person on the stage that night would break up families. I heard all about their superior morals and values, but when it came down to it, they declared that once you’ve crossed the border illegally, you don’t deserve any compassion, even a smidgen of understanding, and a fair shake at protecting and remaining with your family. [And way to go, Donald Trump, invoking Ike’s “Wetback” program. Shudder.]

~~ Not that I’m defending Kasich. Apparently he fears for his 16-year-old daughters if Hillary Clinton is elected (no specific reason given) but doesn’t give a rip if anyone else’s pregnant daughter conceived via rape or had a life-threatening condition exacerbated by the pregnancy.

~~ This week, I heard about a woman who is “filthy rich” and read about a woman who is “fabulously rich.”  Are they the same thing?

~~ Speaking of rich, the headline in the NY Times proclaimed, “Billionaire Buys Modigliani Painting for $170.4 Million.” I love art — really, really, I do — but I dream of seeing a headline that proclaims, “Billionaire Buys Food, Clothes, and Shelter for Homeless for $170.4 Million.”

~~ Yeah, about the homeless:

Have a great weekend!

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