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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The weather’s been lovely around here (for November), and I’m semi, sorta enjoying autumn. I mean, here’s the sight of people wearing bathing suits at the beach on Wednesday as I strolled about, sans coat:
The sun was beautiful:
Then there’s the view from my office window:
And check out the huge leaf that fell from an equally huge tree:

~~ My son was packing for a chillier location. He thought it best to bring gloves, and asked me to help him locate a pair in the hall closet. Much to my dismay, I found that we have exactly zero matching pairs of men’s gloves and six single gloves (and one hand-knit hand warmer). How the hell does that happen?

~~ An acquaintance and I were chatting in a parking lot. A woman walking by us stumbled. We reached out but she re-balanced herself quickly and looked around to see what tripped her up. Not spotting anything, she laughed and shrugged. “Oh, well, nobody to sue,” she said.

~~ All this week, my turtle has been banging on his tank at 11:00 am, reminding me to give him his noon meal. And my dogs start nudging me at 4:00 pm for their 5:00 pm dinner. Who the hell is in favor of turning the clocks forward and back anyway? Does this group have a well-funded lobby or is Congress just too damn caught up in repealing Obamacare to repeal Daylight Savings Time?
I found this petition: and a lot of articles that disprove every justification set out in favor of Daylight Savings Time starting and stopping. Apparently keeping the clocks the same all year increases productivity and keeps us in sync with most of the world, not to mention the states in this country that get along just fine without springing forward and falling back.

~~ There’s a big new study showing the parents in a two-income family are stressed. This is newsworthy? My spouse and I were stretched to our physical and mental limits starting in the 1980s. That’s a big part of why we started our own businesses. Invariably a child became ill just when we both had obligations, but we worked it out after a lot of juggling and stressing out (actually, that was just me — he rarely stresses). My advice for the newer parents in the study who resent their partners not doing a fair share of the housework: screw it. If both of you care, you’ll clean without prodding. If only one does, then suck it up and breathe easier. If neither of you gives a rip about a spic and span house, then it’s only an issue to clean when company’s coming or someone reports you to the Board of Health. You’re welcome.

~~ He tells me “Congress proved Hillary Clinton is a liar. She lied about that guy who got murdered in Benghazi.” Ladies and gentlemen, your low-information voter, parroting the RNC/Fox talking point! You want to slam Hillary, that’s your right as a citizen, and I’m open to hearing any truths you have to share. But know what the hell you’re talking about, bud, and maybe read the congressional records — taxpayers footed the bill for a gazillion million dollars to turn up nothing nefarious (but, nevertheless, the deaths of the four were horrendous and security was obviously lax).

~~ Speaking of low-information voters, who’s worse: the jaboneys in Kentucky who elected a governor who ran vowing to eliminate their health insurance, or the yahoos in Houston who opposed an anti-discrimination bill because they were hopped up to believe that sexual predators would have the right to dress as the other gender so as to prey upon them in restrooms?

~~ This tweet sums up a big part of my life:
Have a great weekend!

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