LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~A mystical guru said, “Drink the tea.” His explanation was that when you’re drinking the tea, just savor everything about it, enjoying the experience. Don’t gulp, don’t rush, don’t stress. Just be in the moment and, well, drink the tea. Therefore, that’s what I decided to do yesterday. I made the tea and started to sip when my dogs made it clear they wanted to go outside. So I brought the mug to the back door and out they went. One wanted in, and so in he came. I stood at the door, gazing out its window while relishing my Earl Grey’s warmth and taste. When the outside dog wanted in, I remained in my tea moment as I opened the back door. Wherein I promptly clobbered the little pup who’d been standing at my feet patiently awaiting his brother’s return. Bam! went the door. Crack! went his head. Splash! went the tea. Shatter! went the mug. Poof! went the freakin’ guru’s message.

~~ I’ve always thought that Benjamin Netanyahu was a hawkish ass, but now he’s revealed that he’s a card-carrying Holocaust denier. In my opinion, the Israeli electorate should show him the door quicker than you could say, “Hitler and Germany started the Holocaust.”

~~ Speaking of an electorate, WAY TO GO, CANADA! Your election result rocked.
~~ Speaking of Nazis, anyone who votes for Ben Carson should first grasp and be willing to own the pure stupidity (or possibly evil intentions) behind statements of his including that people read Mein Kampf to understand what the POTUS is doing and that the Holocaust would have been “greatly diminished” if Jews in Nazi Germany had been armed.

~~ Ahem, Maine. How the hell could you elect a sexist like this to be your governor?

~~ Oh, hell: in for a penny, in for a pound on politics. Hey, Paul Ryan, how is it that your family is super-specially-important, but others’ families are not? I mean, you oppose family leave and advocate that those receiving public assistance work longer hours, yet you want to get extra taxpayer money to be the Speaker of the House while protecting the sanctity of your family time. The fact that you feel entitled to embrace this hypocrisy with a straight face shakes me to my core.

~~ I saved the best stuff for last. How about the Mets? I repeat, how about the Mets?
Video won’t load and my husband forgot to send me the photo of me watching game one of the NLCS via my phone in my purse at a wedding, but you get the picture, anyway.

~~Do I have any Chicago-area readers? If so, thanks for reading and have a great day!

Have a great weekend!
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