LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I remarked that I should have the number in my Roldex and would let her know. “You still have a Rolodex? You must be the last person on earth!” she exclaimed.
Am I? I never add anything to it, but it still sits there with numbers I frequently call on my landline. Am I officially an antique?

~~ Never mind. Don’t answer that question — I labeled myself a dinosaur the other day when I took a survey posed by a multi-media company. It asked me to rate TV, computer, newspaper, smartphone, and radio in the order I value each (1 being most valuable). My answer:

1.      Radio
2.      Newspaper
3.      Computer
4.      Smartphone
5.      TV

~~ What can I say? I love radio. What would your order be?

~~ Some women appreciate receiving jewelry as proof of their spouse’s affection. Not me. The other day, my husband saw that I was down to one banana and so he picked up a bunch for me. That’s true love!

~~ We’re still shocked that Jeb! Bush would say “stuff happens” about a mass shooting when we recall that his mom said this about Hurricane Katrina victims?

~~ I was truly angry about a poor response from a web-support company and when asked to rate my interaction with the customer service tech, I labeled it “poor.” The tech emailed me and asked if I’d reconsider my unsatisfactory rating, as he’d done nothing wrong. Though the company couldn’t meet my expectations (it could, but it wouldn’t), he wrote, why jeopardize his job? I changed my rating and hope it wasn’t some cyber-ruse to bolster the company’s online profile.

~~ Even if it just costs $1.00, who needs this?

Have a great weekend!
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