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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Sorry for the lack of political commentary today.  I wrote this blog before I went to watch the GOP Circus Debate so could I munch on my popcorn and give the comedy show serious forum my full attention. I’m not naïve enough to think one of the performers politicians can’t be elected by the same voters who gave W the thumbs up.
popcorn a

~~ The woman expressed frustration with her inability to quiet her mind. “Ah, yes,” said the other person. “Being alone in one’s mind is a terrible place to be.”

~~ Those who practice meditation often refer to the jungle-y nature of an active mind as “monkey mind.”  It’s a very apt description, though I sometimes think my mind is more like a TV set where the remote is malfunctioning and every channel is coming up rapidly and haphazardly while the volume control is decidedly stuck at high.

~~ I was at party last week where one of the guests was quite obnoxious to a server helping out the host. The guest was a boorish man in his late 50s and the seemingly lovely server looked to be about 20. As she passed our area with a tray of hors d'oeuvres, he demanded, “Where’s the pigs in blankets?” The first time she responded that she hadn’t seen any, the second time she said there definitely weren’t any in the kitchen, and by the third time he yelped, “Where’s the pigs in blankets?” she quickly moved away. He sat there fuming and ranting about the lack of pigs in blankets at this party.   file8861312029879 Geez, buddy, get over yourself. Dead stuff wrapped in pastry does not a party make.

~~ I met a very cool-looking woman in her 30s with spiky bi-colored hair, a nose ring, at least 20 bracelets, and tattoos everywhere. It was fun to chat with her — she was very animated as we spoke about dog rescues and veganism. She gave off a vibe that veered dramatically from her veneer, and that was before she hit me with the coup de foudre: her “all-time favorite singer is Stephen Stills.” I loved the one I was with! maxresdefault

~~ Did you know that even if you yell, “Wait! Wait!” to an appliance at the top of your lungs, it will pay you no heed at all?

Have a wonderful weekend!
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