LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The world is always full of despair and heartache, but this week has just been a terrible one. I can’t comprehend public servants killing members of the public, people murdering sentient creatures, cancer, nastiness, prejudice, incompetence, and politicians who scoop up cash with one hand while using the other to turn thumbs down on assistance for the most vulnerable.

~~ I guess I’ll just focus on the teensiest part of the world right outside my navel, and rant about a few things this week. Move along if you don’t care. I won’t be offended.

~~ I walked past a nail salon and saw two women being pampered by technicians who were wearing masks. Great, right? Salon workers are finally being allowed to avail themselves of some protection. file7361303072393 Nevertheless, there was something wrong with the picture, as besides the women were babies in strollers. While the technicians were protecting themselves from dust, grit, and fumes, those babies were sucking in unfiltered air, my friends.

~~ After being smacked broadside by a shopping cart, I looked at the driver in shock. Did he apologize? Only if you interpret, “Damn aisles are too narrow” as an apology.

~~ A convertible parked on the street had a talk radio station on at high volume.
file8521273783466As I walked past, here’s what I heard: “Blacks overreact and gays are too sensitive.” I attempted to shoot the guy sitting behind the wheel a very dirty look, but he was too busy coughing up a lung while sucking on a cigarette to make eye contact.

~~ Why is there a retail price for goods, but services are all +20%? Why aren’t employers paying their workers enough to live on? Tips have morphed from gratuities to necessities, with the amounts to be paid spelled out on signs, receipts, and flashing screens.
SDRandCo (2)

~~ If you’ve read this far, you deserve to know I am not completely disenchanted with the world. I have the privilege of attending a friend’s 90th birthday party — that is something to celebrate!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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