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~~ My friend Joe passed away yesterday.
WAVE 4 He was a smartass and a wisecracker, and as nice and reliable as they come.

~~ I made a note a day ago for today’s blog. For the life of me, I have no idea what I wanted to share from the words I jotted down:


~~ So the person who spearheaded the government’s Obamacare launch is now going to work for an insurance company consortium, and Eric Holder’s policy of not jailing bankers paid off as he’s now employed by a law firm that represents Wall Street’s big boys. It’s not just them and it’s certainly not just now, but it just stinks that public service is a nuisance step on the way to a soulless payday.

~~ My cousin says that she used her senior citizen discount to get into a cartoony kids’ movie. How cool is that?

~~ I’ve been a part of a yoga class conducted on grass. I cannot recall the last time I was barefoot on grass before this experience, but it’s fantastic! I experienced the whole earth-ions thing, and the Vitamin D thing, and the getting distracted by a cute caterpillar marching across my mat thing. 023_pp As someone who has spent the better part of the past eight years sitting in front of a computer for days and weeks (and months and years) on end, I am just like a kid getting a feel for grass and hearing the birds sing for the first time!

~~ I placed an ad for freelance writers with instructions for applicants to paste their resume and writing sample into the body of their email: “No Attachments” it said clearly. One woman didn’t do that, but as she wrote in her email that she had 30 years’ writing experience, I gave her the courtesy to reapply (I rarely do that, because I figured someone who can’t follow a simple instruction would be a headache down the line). Her response: Maybe get an intern. You sound like someone I wouldn’t want to work with. Once again, my firm belief was reinforced that making eye contact with the public rarely has an upside.

~~ Anybody want to tell me how the hell it got to be JULY 17?

Have a wonderful weekend!
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