LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Having boasted that I was closer to caught up than I’d been since last December, I promptly got caught in a tidal wave of tardiness, oversharing, and ineptness that set me substantially back. Bragging is for rookies.

~~ Having asked Siri for directions to a cemetery in New Jersey, I relaxed a bit and let her lead me. Another rookie mistake — Siri took me 50 minutes further into the Garden State than was necessary. siri

~~ Having spent 10 years trying to get the Bar Association to use a new head shot of me in the directory, rather than the atrocious one from a blustery day in my bad hair period of 2003, I finally succeeded! Just weeks before I decided not to renew my membership.

~~ Having made plans for Friday night and needing to skip one of my favorite yoga classes, I thought, OK, I’ll sneak out to the 11:00 am class instead. Then the email arrived canceling said class.

~~ Having seen the cutest, teeniest two-week old puppies, I promised my friend Audrey, who owns them, that I’d feature them in my blog:
Audrey's puppies and Nessa

~~ Having spent a great deal of time energetically lint rolling my dog’s reddish hair off my black outfit, I walked into a home where I was immediately covered in golden dog hair.

~~ Having heard all the things that glitched on Wednesday, and having heard the official “Nothing to see here, folks,” I am uncomfortable accepting the randomness of it all.

~~ Having skipped last week’s blog, I failed to let you know that the July issue of Boating Times Long Island is out! July 2015 cover This issue is filled with boating and dining adventures, lots of good reading, frizzy hair fighting, sunburn soothing, expanding cancer treatments, easing jellyfish pain, dancing along the sea, paddling and battling, saluting Lady Liberty, rocking along the bay, preventing bug bites, and protecting turtles.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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