LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The yoga teacher tells the story of an eagle raised by chickens. bald eagle morgue She relates how the eagle is mocked by his chick-siblings for wanting to soar, because everyone knows that chickens don’t fly. So with a broken heart, he didn’t fly, and then he died. The moral, she said, was to not let anyone stop you from soaring. However, I left the class thinking that the moral could also be that you can be content wherever you are, no matter where you were before you arrived there.

~~ Whoever thought I’d be lauding the Pope? Go, Pontiff!

~~ Whoever thought South Carolina was post-racial when the state proudly flies a confederate flag? I pray for the families of those slain, but I also shudder for us all.

~~ Dumbest thing I ever heard a host say on the radio (excluding neo-cons): “They should put Marilyn Monroe on the $10.00 bill. Who’s a more famous woman than her?” marilyn_624x351

~~ He wondered why I looked at him in dismay when he said he was using the lawyer recommended by his real estate agent. “What?” he says. “She’s done a hundred deals with my agent. She must be good.” “No,” I say slowly. “She must be a pushover.”

~~ The woman told me I looked familiar. Did I work at CVS? No. Maybe Key Food? Nope. Perhaps she knows me from the PTA? No again. “Then who are you?” she asked, puzzled.

~~ My dad would have had an answer for that woman. He thought I was a somebody and he always made me feel accomplished and cherished. I hope some wonderful man makes you feel the same.
Barry, Dad, me August 1982

Happy Father’s Day — have a wonderful weekend!
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