LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Am I the only one who never spots the handbag hook in a restroom right away? I usually see it only after I’ve parked it someplace semi-unsanitary-ish or hung it around my neck.

~~ Speaking of restrooms, why do many have auto-flush, auto-sink, and auto-dry, but make you use your hands to pump out the soap?

~~ If your company is using the, “Hey, I see I missed a call from you so I am ringing you back” ploy, I don’t think anyone falls for it. Especially someone who knows she hasn’t made an outgoing call to anyone except her spouse for three days!

~~ Overheard at Trader Joe’s: “These carrots are way too stubby to be baby carrots.”

~~ He confused Paul Ryan with Rand Paul twice in one conversation, so I wondered which politician he meant. He gave me a pitying look and said, “It’s the same guy. Rand Paul Ryan is his full name.”

~~ You wait 90 minutes to see the doctor for a routine exam. After 90 minutes, you are told to step on a scale where plenty of clanking and banging of the weights ensue, only to hear (and see) another big weight moved to the wrong side. scale This happens as the nurse says, “Huh.” Immediately thereafter, she cuffs you and measures your pressure. Moments later, she asks, “Are you being treated for this high blood pressure?”

~~ I had a professor in law school who soared above his students, sending words down from Mt. Olympus while keeping his gaze fixed higher than mere mortals like me. _1011874 But as he’s now the dean of the school and wants my money, I’ve received two emails from him in two days. Have I ascended to new heights, or has he finally dismounted from his high horse?

~~ Your time and my time is not worth wasting to discuss the low-life that is Ted Cruz.

~~ I was going to end today’s blog reflecting on the NY Rangers’ season. However, each time I try to write the words, my heart breaks all over again. I lived, breathed, and didn’t breathe with them for yet another season where they escorted me down a flower-strewn path, only to abandon me in a muddy ditch.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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