LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Put this story in the universe working in mysterious ways category: Before a yoga class, I am relating (OK, kvetching) about my absolutely horrible week. As just one minor example, I related (OK, bitched) the intern who started Monday (after lobbying for the position in December 2014) resigned Wednesday because she “didn’t realize” an internship meant she’d have to come into the office. I thought I saw the teacher and her son exchange a meaningful glance. I did! Seems the son’s friend was looking for exactly the type of internship I suddenly had available. He passed along my contact info, and we are meeting today.

~~ I learned that my dreadful week coincided with Mercury being in retrograde. Sure enough, many of the effects of planetary positioning paralleled my nightmarish existence. It’s semi-comforting to have a cosmic reason why some of the universe’s biggest pigeons are simultaneously crapping on my head, but it is quite unsettling to know that Mercury will appear backwards until June 11.

~~ I don’t know what happens where you live, but around here, some type of tree is shedding some sort of something that balls up and blows around like tumbleweeds. I feel like I’m driving around the movie lot for a spaghetti western! Being the sort of person who likes to learn about things, I found out that oak trees “produce extremely abundant tiny staminale (male) flowers in drooping catkins.” QUERRUBR-stam-stop-dirty-9M
Tell me you already knew about this whole oak pollination thing and I’ll be duly impressed.

~~ She says, “I’m surprised you like sports so much. People who like sports are generally very shallow.” I respond, “I can’t be shallow. I’ve gone off the deep end.” She looks at me as if I have two heads.

~~ I was talking to someone about an available proofreading job. He mused that proofing wasn’t hard to do nowadays, since every document has spell and grammar check. “Oh, yeah?” I challenge him. “My ex-associate editor turned in a story that had the restaurant’s lighting being SUBLET instead of SUBTLE. Spell check doesn’t care about the world of difference there!” file0001817248786

Have a wonderful holiday weekend — after honoring the memory of those who died serving our country.
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