LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Anyone know where to buy a ledge?
I need one so I can stand on its very edge.

~~ So is Jeb Bush like his brother or not? How can I tell if he hasn’t even figured it out yet (or won’t admit it)?

~~ Attention NYC police officer who lives in Western Suffolk County and works in Queens: boasting loudly about buying $750.00 worth of hair extensions and spending $500.00 to get your hair straightened and your nails done before you take a vacation in Aruba is absolutely your right. But throwing a poor-me pity party for yourself because it’s “such a hassle fitting in so many beauty appointments” before a vacation isn’t attractive. Nor did you need to toss in a seemingly gratuitous comment about feeling superior to “poor drones who work in offices all day.” I’m not proud of it, but I’m kinda wishing you sit next to a kicking, screaming toddler on both your flights and get a sunburned nose while you lay on the beach.

~~ Also overheard: “He said that? He should talk. He’s uglier than everything I’ve ever found on the bottom of my shoe.”

~~ This past Saturday, my family had dinner with someone I considered part of my family when I was growing up. (I loved her so much that she was in my wedding party.) I hadn’t seen her for many years until we recently renewed our friendship. The dinner was wonderful (the food was scrumptious*), but what I found most life-affirming was that what made her special then still makes her special now. *We ate at and enjoyed every morsel. The chef, Hillary Sterling, made a table full of people with diverse tastes extremely happy!

~~ This article about lawyers lacking happiness is rather good, but its opening phrase is both ill informed and hysterical in a laughing without smiling way: Of the many rewards associated with becoming a lawyer — wealth, status, stimulating work…

~~ Then there’s this story about Mark Twain and Helen Keller: twain-keller-stormfield-visit I am so glad that I read this!

~~ I am about 67% positive I had something else to share with you. However, I am so emotionally drained from the NY Rangers’ exhilarating and excruciating game seven overtime victory Wednesday night that I may not recover until Saturday afternoon (when the next round begins). If I remember, I’ll let you know. If I forget, none of us will ever be the wiser.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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