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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Are you a fan of all the “hacks” people share? Didn’t we just used to call them “tips”?

~~ So Tom Brady dresses-down other players and coaches who dare criticize him and/or Coach Belligerent, going so far as admonishing opponents to read the rule book: http://www.csnne.com/blog/patriots-talk/brady-ravens-study-rule-book-and-figure-it-out. Yet he’s a probable* cheating wheedler trading memorabilia, collectibles, and cash for deflated footballs. (*NFL characterization. I’m not that benevolent.) Tommy must have read the rule book and known deflating the footballs below the standard was against the rules, or he wouldn’t have engaged in subterfuge and clandestine arrangements, right?

~~ Anyone else see a problem with the NY Islanders selling water that came from their thawed and discarded ice while the city of Sacramento, California needs to initiate an additional 36% reduction in water usage? No? It’s just me, I guess.

~~ You know the Buffalo Springfield song, For What It’s Worth? The yoga teacher has it as the soundtrack to a flow, and as she instructs us to do an intense hamstring stretch, the lyric that fills the room is, “Getting so much resistance from behind…”

~~ I used to laugh at employers and economists who talked in general terms about millennials needing constant reinforcement and praise, chafing at the slightest whiff of criticism. I’d remark that I know so many hard-working, reality-embracing people from that generation so the stereotype couldn’t be true. You can now move me from naysayer to the “Give me a freaking’ break!” category. file000637797981It seems there's a crop of workers who've never learned that there’s no crying in business.

~~ That reminds me of my first (only) boss as an attorney. When she sent me to court the first time, she said, “Shit or get off the pot, kiddo.” Huh? “I mean, either go and smartly stand up to your adversary or grab your briefcase and look for another job.” I wonder how she’d deal with those who’d rather get a trophy just for showing up.

~~ By the way, that first (Family Court) judge told me, “The Constitution has no place in my courtroom.” Any wonder I found a new line of work?

~~ The May issue of Boating Times Long Island has great stories you’ll enjoy whether you boat or not. Including stories on remaining present and on the U.S. Coast Guard hockey team. http://boatingtimesli.com/NY/
MAY 2015 LI coverpractice mindfulness sign (800x533) Twitter6
~~ Happy Mother’s Day to all the special women who nurture us, make us tea or soup when we need it, and tell us we matter.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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