LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Doesn’t it drive you batty when a site you frequent moves the log in – log out button? I am positive they do it so I’ll keep clicking on the ad, but it’s infuriating. It’s like when you run into a familiar store with only two minutes to spare and then discover the eye drops moved from Aisle 2 to Aisle-Nobody-Knows. They think they’ve cleverly coerced me into traipsing up and down every single aisle, enticing me to buy more stuff along my journey. However, I bail from the store just as I do with the website that confounds me. Take that, slick marketers — your tricks are useless in my stressed-out and harried corner of the universe!

~~ One of my family members claims he cannot observe Passover restrictions because there is nothing to eat for lunch without bread or breading. brown lunch bag Though some of us chimed in with suggestions, he was adamant that it was impossible to cling to tradition and still have a decent midday meal. Lunchetarianism tops Judaism!

~~ Speaking of Passover, my son inadvertently created a tableau that completely summarizes this holiday:
matzon and tea
~~ He didn’t win the contest, but we thank you for your votes.

~~ The women in the store were excitedly discussing the great price on whipped butter. One proclaimed she was buying eight tubs. Eight tubs! What the hell do you do with eight tubs of butter that isn’t illicit?

~~ “Brrr,” I said on greeting a friend two days ago. “Oh, buck up,” she said. “You bitched when it was 20 degrees, so now that it’s 40, these extra 20 degrees should be delightful.” I was momentarily taken aback, but if nothing else, I’m a quick quipper. “Really? So when the temps rise from 75 to 95 this summer, you won’t gripe about how you’re sweating like you usually do?” She shook her head and snorted at me. I think I made a fair point.

~~ He was bitching that cops can’t do their jobs if they have cameras on them (he’s an expert on all things criminal because his uncle was a cop in the 1970s). Did he remember when he said to me that people shouldn’t care about being photographed at stadiums and felt up and down at airports, because “If you’re not doing anything wrong then why should you care?” He did remember, and to his credit, he could no longer defend eliminating cop cams.

~~ I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but with few exceptions, this may be one of the nicest things I’ve been called (even if the compliment has been stale for >30 years):

~~ If you’re celebrating, Kalo Pascha! In any case, have a wonderful weekend. Hockey playoffs start next week and I’m over the moon!
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