LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ This past Saturday we went to dinner with friends. Diner Nothing fancy — just a trip to a diner after the boat show closed. The diner wasn’t crowded, and we were seated right away, but we probably should have fled when the waitress confused a sweetened iced tea for a Sam Adams beer. Nevertheless, we stayed, but eventually figured out that the waitress bolted as no one came to take our order and those around us were seated, served, and departing. Finally, we got the manager’s attention and service began. Well, maybe not service — it was more like, “Some of you can have ice-cold, tasteless food and some of you can ask a few more times before we bring you something.” When the two-plus hour adventure in dining ended, were we furious? No. We realized that we’d had a great time! If the diner staff had bustled and hustled us as usual, we would have been chewing and then kissing goodbye in under 30 minutes, instead of laughing and catching up. Not to mention bonding over bread, butter, and six waters for seven people!

~~ I bought some vegan flip-flops online last summer. Yesterday, they sent me a marketing email with the subject line, “We haven’t heard from you in a while!” Perhaps because it’s 25 degrees and the snow is up to my thighs?

~~One little bandage on one finger. How the hell could that pose a problem? If you’re a righty, try covering the pad of your right middle finger and then try to turn on your phone, text, and maneuver the mouse on your laptop. Let me know how many times you yell, “Arghhhhhhh!”
file0001894726935 (1)

~~ Today was supposed to be a jam-packed day from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. But the snow fell (and fell and fell) yesterday and created havoc with my day. And did the same with everyone else’s in the northeast, pushing Thursday into Friday, or in my case, canceling Friday. Seriously, Mother Nature needs sedation. Or a vacation.

~~  I really tried to overlook all the instances of lousy or non-existent proofreading in the book. I let “it had a calming affect” pass with barely a shrug, and kept reading after the main character said, “Oh, I live, live, live a bracing cip of tea,” but I had to delete it from my Kindle when I got to this: “He patiently waited for her to put on mascara. That would conclude her morning primping retinue.” retinue

~~Today’s the last day: please vote for SAM MINES! (Scroll down for ballot.)

Have a wonderful weekend!
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