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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ It’s hard to be a writer with a cough. Almost every time I’d cough while composing, I’d insert a comma. Like th,is.

~~ Oklahoma went from an average of one earthquake per year to 562 last year, reports earthquake Is that just a fracking coincidence?

~~ Speaking of states that I am hard-pressed to find on a map, do the taxpayers of Montana seriously think they are getting their money’s worth from the Republican legislator who wanted to make yoga pants illegal and have those wearing them arrested?

~~ Ah, yoga! A very smart yogini sympathized with my struggle to recover from my head cold. She pinpointed my emotional low from leaving my valued yoga routine as a contributing factor (along with my 100-hour weeks and some nasty germs), and advised that I’d heal faster if I went to a class. She was so right — after struggling for 12 days to shake it, I went to a lovely studio close to my house. It was warm in every sense of the word and I now feel like a different person. simplicity

~~ The larger my magazine grows, the more wonderful people I get to meet. However, there are also strange persons who emerge, flinging their crazy at every perceived target. Like this one:


~~ The snow just keeps coming and coming. It builds up, it compacts a bit, it turns slippery and icy, and then gets mushy. My dogs keep bursting out into the backyard with zeal (don’t ask me why), bypassing the paths carved for them and going up over the sides of the ever-changing mounds. They slide and fall on their butts, or sink in above their shoulders, or hang at precarious angles like some sort of dufus mountain climbers. But do they learn? Heck, no.

~~There’s another storm predicted for Saturday, so I’m guessing Mother Nature does not have a date for Valentine’s Day.

~~ I’ve had the same Valentine since 1975, and with the exception of the year he gave me dead roses (he claimed to have no clue that they wouldn’t keep for five days in the trunk of his car), it’s been the best holiday. hands heart No dressing up, no pressure, no pretension, and no disillusionment (except for the petrified flowers). If you love the frisson of the holiday, I wish you a pleasurable day. I’m not being smug, I hope, by saying that I’ll keep my gentle, comforting day instead.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s/Presidents weekend!
All Star Break
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