LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Time Passes Slowly, Sometimes

I decided to Google the funeral I described yesterday. I wondered, who was the person I bowed my head towards, silently apologizing for my trifling annoyances?

The deceased turned out to be an attorney I dealt with in the late 1980s. She took an immense dislike to my client because his ex-wife was someone she knew. She was unprofessionally nasty and petty, taking every opportunity to delay by withholding paperwork and renegotiating settled matters. Though I cautioned my client to walk away from the transaction, he wanted to keep the deal going for reasons unknown.

Back in the pre-cyber days, I called Ms. Malicious’ secretary three or four days in a row for a resolution of a very routine real estate issue. The secretary never offered to help and the attorney never returned the calls.

Then a letter arrived in the mail from Ms. Malicious. I’ll never forget what it said:

Dear Counselor:

Life is too short to deal with people like your client. I have told my clients that I resign.

Inasmuch as she passed away over 25 years after this transaction, I don’t think finishing up that house deal would have affected her lifespan much either way. However, I do take back part of my apology. I’m so sorry for her loved ones, but life is indeed too short to have her vex me again.
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