LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Start with something upbeat, I thought. Find some positive in the world before you start to bitch. The result? Writer’s block!
~~ There are some highly unprofessional people out in the workplace, and I have had the bad luck to run into a few in the last two months. After encountering attorneys for 32 years, I thought some of my colleagues were the most of the worst. Yet while those sleaze-os clearly are on the down escalator to hell, I have recently met with, and even worked with, people whose lack of common sense, common decency, and common respect don’t bode well for them if there’s an afterlife.

~~ That being said, I have the pleasure of working with true professionals. Two come to mind right away — one is a person I’ve known my entire life and the other I met just two weeks ago. Both balanced out and even exceeded the jackasses in cardigans and suits… though perhaps just barely.

~~ _DSC6302 My encounters with people compelled me to threaten to become a recluse. “Ooh, hermits get all dried up and pale,” said my conversation companion. “No,” I replied, “Recluses don’t deal with people. Hermits hide from people. I think there’s a difference.” Is there? Nevertheless, it may not even matter — you can’t get much paler than I already am.

~~ Playing right into my vexation and disappointment with people, I had the mat pulled out from under me by a yoga studio. An owner told me that by my taking the unlimited monthly pass so literally and showing up so often, I was causing them to lose money (for the life of me, I cannot figure out how my showing up at a regularly scheduled class cost them any more, since I’d paid them for that offered option at the beginning of each month). Therefore, they were raising the cost of the pass in February, even though they’d declared the rise in the cost last summer as an “annual” increase. And they were limiting unlimited! So I did some googling and found local studios charging comparable prices, and each one says I’m welcome to show up whenever there’s a class. I love the first studio, happily paid them a monthly fee, and continually promoted them on social media. However, as I won’t be returning in February, I’m glad they’ll be earning more money. yoga-mat-green-1By their math, at least. Namaste.

~~ Hell, let’s just sum up my feelings this way:


~~ I have a zillion half-dozen more things to write about yet zero time to navel gaze and/or pontificate. You’ll be fine without me… but will I be fine without ranting, raving, preaching, and bitching?

Have a wonderful weekend. Go Seahawks!
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