LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

You Don’t Cajole Me

What’s with everyone challenging everyone in January? There’s a 30-day challenge for this and a 40-day challenge for that. C’mon, people say in person, via social media, and my inbox — you’re dared to relax, refresh, create, take charge, and declutter. There’s ramped-up wheedling for me to breathe more, move more, and eat less, and tantalizing prizes are dangled if I’ll just brighten my life, smooth out my temperament, stretch past my comfort zone, or green up my refrigerator. I cannot possibly just live my life — someone’s always throwing down the gauntlet and yelling, Je vous défie!

IMG_6806 I’m sure there are studies about people responding well to contests and creating better habits after a month or two of new actions. And I’m all for banishing unhealthy and upsetting flaws. However, I dislike competitions and don’t want to be goaded — however gently and voluntarily — into improving myself when I’m feeling just fine, thanks.

So here’s my challenge:  stop provoking me to upgrade for 30 days. If you’re successful, go for 30 more. By then, you’ll see you don’t need me, and we’ll all be happier!
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