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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ “What’s your background?” he asked. “I was educated as a journalist but spent decades practicing law,” I replied. He gasped. “I didn’t know lawyers could write without a scolding tone.”

~~ This email from a blog reader was amusing; I just wish I knew the name of this conclusion-jumping mechanic so you could avoid him:

You know how you don’t appreciate religious music in public places? I thought of you because I just came back from the car repair shop. The mechanic asked me why I didn’t have a wreath on my car as “it is only 10 days until Christmas.” When I told him that I only celebrate my faith privately, he said, “Oh, I get it. You’re Jewish.” Only I’m not. I just don’t want to decorate my frigging car. Imagine?
car wreath
~~ Is the amount of violence in the world increasing dramatically or are we just more globally aware? I think the answer to both is yes, and my response is that I’m increasingly aware of my fear level.

~~ There are a whole lot of search engines around that couldn’t find their way out of a shed with a flashlight in the middle of the day.What’s the point of putting one on a site or including it in a program if it’s more clueless that the person doing the search?
search (547x800)

~~ Know what’s the best, best, best part of resuming relations with Cuba? No, it’s not asking naysayers (aka people against everything the POTUS supports) what was it about the last 50 years of embargo that did anything to break the back of the Communist regime. No, it’s not about the money that will flow into the US and the potentially envy-worth tourists that will stream into Cuba, decreasing the dictator’s sway. What I adore most is hearing broadcasters reporting on this story say rapprochement. It’s such a lovely word when properly pronounced, don’t you think?

~~Perhaps that glassy-eyed, tight-jawed face means that you’re stressed out over the holidays and on a frenzied mission for chestnuts or whatever. chicago_chow_trader_joes_or_we_p4 But that doesn’t give you carte blanche to roll your cart down the aisle of Trader Joes and scatter other shoppers right into the frozen vegetables and left into the oranges and limes. Not even if you are wearing a Ho-Ho-Ho-proclaiming Santa toque and a mistletoe pin that wildly flashes green and red.

~~ Have a wonderful weekend.
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